Spirituality Talk Show

It’s here!

My angelic guides have been nudging me to start a spirituality talk show for quite a while now.  The time was right and an offer was made that felt right…so I am back on the air.

The first episode of my show was last night.  I am on BlogTalkRadio’s “Journey into The Light” every Sunday at 6 pm AZ time, currently 9 pm ET.  On this first episode, Michael Long, the host and creator of “Journey into The Light”, the #1 Spirituality show on BTR, interviewed me about my background, and my gifts.  The first half of the show zipped by and it was time for me to give mini readings to callers.  There were 15 in line right off the bat!

Why this?

My background includes over five years working at a radio station, here in Arizona.  While there, I hosted an entertainment talk show which earned numerous 1st place awards with the Associated Press.   I enjoyed this experience immensely and knew I would be back on the air at some time.

Originally, my guides were pressing me to have a talk show about sex/love addiction, to assist partners of sex/love addicts. Over the course of a year, while I was moving toward being in a position where I was ready to host a show, I realized that it needed to be much broader than that.

What to Expect

Next Sunday I will be going much more in depth into the topic of Angels.  I will explain the role of angelic guides, what it feels like when they are around you, and tell you how I am able to communicate with your angelic guides when in a reading.  I will be taking callers throughout this show with questions regarding angelic guides, and giving mini readings (one short question/answer).

I know how important it is to have a strong connection with your angelic guides.  Next Sunday’s show will help you get on the path to accomplishing that.  I know that everyone can receive messages directly from their angelic guides. Tune in next Sunday, October 18th at 6 pm AZ time/9 pm ET on BlogTalkRadio’s, “Journey into The Light“.







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