Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243

Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243

You Have Spiritual Gifts

I firmly believe that everyone has at least one spiritual gift.  You may not be aware of yours, or you may have identified it in the past and chosen to bury it for some reason.  Make me smile and tell me that you know what your gifts are.  Even if that is the case, you probably have other gifts yet to be discovered.

How do you discover something if you don’t know what it is you are looking for?  The answer is that you need to be exposed to a wide variety of spiritual/metaphysical practices.  You need someone experienced to tell you when you are exhibiting some skill, and then help you to develop it.

Working With Those Gifts

Over the last 20+ years, by teaching many students, I have developed a spiritual development coaching course that will assist you in discovering your gifts, identifying your primary gifts, developing them, and giving you feedback toward using those gifts in the manner you choose to.

Here are some of the reasons you would need a spiritual teacher:

  • You always wanted a spiritual mentor
  • You feel you have a spiritual gift, but don’t know what it is
  • You want to tap into your mediumship, intuitive, or healing abilities
  • You are on a spiritual path, but have come to a point of confusion
  • You long to move forward faster on your spiritual path
  • You are experiencing unexplained phenomena and wish to know what it is
  • You want to be able to communicate with deceased loved one
  • You have a thirst for spiritual/metaphysical knowledge

What You Get

This is a pay-by-the-class program.  You can take up to eight classes per month.

When you complete my full 26 class program, you receive a beautiful certificate of achievement listing the areas you have received training in.  This certificate is suitable for framing and displaying.

Should you develop your primary skills to a point where I tell you that you are ready to do that professionally, you will receive a beautiful certificate of training in that/those specific areas of study.  This certificate is suitable for framing and displaying and will be useful to mention in any future advertising for your metaphysical business.

Have Questions?

Email me to discuss your questions.  My email is:   You can also call me at 928-202-3328 and leave your contact information so we can discuss your questions on the phone.

Each program is specifically designed for the individual student, based on their talents, areas of interest, and desired goal.

I look forward to being your spiritual mentor and having a long, inspiring mutual journey together!





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