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It’s Never Been Easy

My longest previous career was in mental health.  It was apparent to me that mental health and addictions were not high on the priority list in our country.  This was reflected in the very few treatment options available for persons who have no health insurance, or who have less than high income.

It was frustrating for me in my role as the program director of mental health for the county when I had a person come to me with a serious addiction.  They needed help and were ready to accept it.  Now what?  The options were see a counselor a few times a year, get on the long wait list for inpatient treatment, and 12 step groups.

Then It Became Personal

My former boyfriend’s daughter came to live with us as a young teen.  She was addicted to heroin and cocaine.  She had a serious overdose in the city she was living in with her mother.  Things were not going well at all.  We suggested that she come live with us, due to my background in mental health/addictions.

It was a wild ride.  Even with my mental health connections and knowledge, there was nothing out there for her except 12 step meetings.  We took her to meetings daily, and sometimes twice a day for months.  At these meetings she connected with adult addicts who introduced her to new ways to get high.  Now what?

Clearing My Thought

We had been living in such turmoil and been so busy taking her to meetings, that it took me over a year to realize that I could try Qigong energy healing on her for addiction.  She agreed to this and I began giving her regular treatments.  Within two weeks, she began a mental turn-around in her thinking.

She lost interest in drugs, became focused on college, and her delightful childhood personality began to re-emerge.  I kept giving her treatments now and then.  It is the only thing that we did differently during this time.  Hmmm.  Time to try this on others.

Treatment Outside the Box

I began offering Qigong energy healing to local persons with addictions.  During this time, I gave free sessions as I was still determining whether it was the energy healing that had really helped this young teen stop using drugs.  One after another, persons addicted to alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, and sex/love came to see me.

Each one of them experienced a profound difference in their thinking, a dramatic lessening in their desire to pursue their addiction, and a renewed belief that they could recover.  At my suggestion, they continued going to 12 step meetings and seeing their counselor.  These are great things too.  But they all agreed that it was the energy healing that made the big difference.

Gratefully Sharing My Gift

I am so grateful to have this gift of healing.  Helping people heal from their addictions is part of my mission.  That is why I offer Qigong energy healing sessions at nearly 60% off my regular price.  Instead of paying my usual fee of $120 for a one hour healing session, you pay just $50.  I do this because I know that options are so few, and that can lead to you feeling quite hopeless.  I am offering you a hand up.

Email me at to set your first appointment.  You will need at least one session per week at first.  Then I will taper you off to once a week, and then you only need to come in if you feel the need to.  It is not something you need to do the rest of your life.  It’s just the jump start that will put you firmly on the road to recovery.

I look forward to healing you of addictions and helping you put that  behind you.




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