What Angels Feel Like

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When They Come In

You may be curious about what angels feel like.  I don’t mean what it feels like to touch them, but what it feels like when angels are around. I get three distinct feelings, depending on the circumstances.

Angels During a Reading

When I am giving someone a reading and their angelic guides come in, I feel chills around my body.  They generally enter on one side of my body and move through the other.  This is true even when I am giving a reading in a very warm room.

This happens during every reading I do.  I let you know when I feel your angels coming in and where I am feeling it. Often, I will show you the chills on my arms.  It delights me when, occasionally, the person I am reading for will get those chills too.  You don’t have to be a medium to feel the presence of angels.

Confirmation Chills

During a reading, when I pick up on something that your angelic guides feel is very important for you, they will give me what I call confirmation chills.  These start at my feet and move upward through my body.  The more important the information is for you, the more of my body gets covered in chills.  I joke that if I had short hair, my hair would be on end too.

When you ask me a yes/no question, I ask your angels for input.  They know everything happening behind the scenes and everything that will happen to you.  When their answer is yes, I get the confirmation chills.  The harder the chills, and the more of my body covered in them, the bigger the yes.  No chills at all is a no.  Chills to my knees, or so, is a maybe.  During an Angelic Messenger reading, many angels come in and are eager to give you messages of import to assist you in your life.  There will be so much angelic energy, you are likely to feel it around you.

Feeling a Bit of Heaven

There have been moments in my life when I had an Archangel in my presence.  They are majestic and larger than life, and for me they appear with a golden glow around them.  This golden glow begins to encompass my body.  It feels warm, safe, and is the purest love you could imagine.  When this happens, I find myself weeping with joy.  It really is like feeling a bit of what heaven is like.

The last time this occurred, I was at a friend’s home, here in Arizona.  He and his wife were in the room with me. The Archangel was directly over me, to my left.  Neither my friend, nor his wife, could see it or feel it.  Understand that when an angel makes themselves known to you, it is for you alone; an experience meant to give you reassurance.  So if someone with you does not see it, that is likely the reason.

Curious About Your Experiences

Have you ever felt the presence of an angel?  When was it?  What did you feel?  Did that experience change you in any way, and if so, how?

I love hearing from you and learning about your spiritual journey.




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