Flying Into 2016

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Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243

Open the Door

When a new year is approaching, I feel excited.  So here, at the verge of 2016, I visualize standing before a door. On the other side of that door are unlimited possibilities.  I can’t wait to turn the knob, push the door open and see what the year has in store for me.

Some surprises have already made themselves known.  I will share them with you here.

BlogTalkRadio- Big News #1

Through the generosity of Michael Long, owner of Journey into the Light on BlogTalkRadio, my talk show will continue through 2016.  It will remain in the prime time slot of Sunday nights at 8 pm Central.  I feel honored to be a part of the #1 spirituality show on BlogTalkRadio.

I will introduce a new topic every week.  Listeners will still be able to call in and get a mini-reading, and join in on the topic of discussion that night.  I’m so excited about this as I really enjoy helping my listeners with their spiritual journey, and interacting with them.

BlogTalkRadio-Big News #2

I will have a second show on Journey into the Light, on a different night.  This new show is a support show for persons affected by the behavior of someone with a sexual addiction.  Sexual addiction is one of the fastest growing addictions in the world, and devastating to those involved.

Listeners will be able to call in with questions, to get support, and advice.  When I know more details, you will read about that here.  Read this article to get a better understanding of why this support show is so important to the people being impacted by a sex addict’s behaviors.

The Books You Need in 2016

When I give a reading, I recommend certain books to my clients.  Now you can get those books directly from my website.  I have created an Amazon store with spiritual books and other items you will find of interest.

Right now you can find my store by hovering over the “Shop” tab at the top of my website.  Then click on “Shop Metaphysical Products“.  That will take you to the Amazon store and make it so easy for you to get the books that will assist you on your spiritual journey.

Soon there will be a button on every page, making it even easier to find these books.

Discounted Follow-Up Readings

I have found that after a reading, my clients tend to have more questions come up.  That is a great time to do a follow-up reading to answer those questions, and get more guidance.

When you set a follow-up session with me, via email, within two weeks of your last session you will get a 10% discount.  Sessions are 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or one hour.  They can be done in person, or by phone/skype.

Remind me that you saw me recently, so I can give you this special discount.

Family Time

I am heading to Chicago to visit my daughter and grandsons.  I will be unavailable for in-person readings during this time.  Phone readings can be arranged via email.

I will be checking my email daily, so keep me up to date on how things are going for you.  I care and I enjoy hearing from you.

Blessings, peace, joy, and balance to you in the coming year!








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