Seeing Angels


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Seeing Angels

My first memory of seeing angels  was around age two.  I walked off of our family property in the countryside of Maryland and found myself on a long, dirt road.  I was scared and crying.  I felt a presence, looked up and saw a glowing figure at the top of the hill. Instinctively, I began walking toward that figure.  As I got closer, I could see a sweet, smiling face and feel the love emanating from the figure.

Though I did not know who, or what, this figure was, I knew I would be safe with them.  It took my hand and walked me back to my family’s property, within easy view of our home.  I turned around and it was gone.

Hearing Angels

This began as a young child.  Angels would come to my room at night.  I would see them as angels are depicted in religious paintings.  They felt like dear friends to me.  I had some very traumatic experiences in my childhood and the angels gave me messages of hope and love; not through my ears, but in my head.  I was aware that the thoughts were not my own.

They told me that life would get better, that I was very strong and special.  Sometimes they sat next to me on my bed and stroked my head lightly until I went to sleep.  I found their presence incredibly comforting.

Angels still do this for me when I am feeling extremely stressed, or sad.  I find it just as comforting as an adult.  What a blessing!

Angelic Guides

After my powerful spiritual awakening in 1986, I began to see large areas of glowing color floating in my room at night.   A green glowing area would morph into an orange one, which would fade and a blue one would appear. Sometimes the changing colors would go on for forty-five minutes, or until I fell asleep.

It took me a while to realize that these glowing colors were angelic guides.  Sometimes they are departed spirits.  I can feel the difference in energy between the two.  My own Master Guide, Sir Marius, appears to me as a large glowing cobalt blue light.  He has appeared to me in human form in dreams.

Your Guides

You have your own set of angelic guides.  Everyone does.  In Part 2 on the topic of Angel Messages, I will explain the types of angelic guides you have and how you can communicate with them.

Listen to This Show

If you want to know more about this topic, tune in to my talk show on Sunday nights at 6 pm PT, 9 pm EST.  Each week I discuss a spiritual topic and often that topic involves angels.  You can listen, and call in to add to the discussion and get a mini-angelic reading if you like.

You will find my talk show on www.BlogTalkRadio.  It is part of “Journey Into the Light“, the #1 spirituality show on BTR.  A delightful way to end your week.

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