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Support Talk Show – Your Life Matters with host Ivory LaNoue

Interesting Background

You may have noted, or remembered, that my background is in mental health.  That is just one of the interesting life experiences I have had.

All of them have given me a piece of the knowledge and skills needed for my other mission. That mission is giving support to people whose lives are being affected by the sexual behavior of someone else.

What Does that Mean?

If you are living with, have lived with, or   even dated someone with a What is a Sexual Addiction?, a love addiction, a secret sex life (living on the down-low, etc.), or a refusal to be faithful, you need a lot of support, guidance, and reassurance.

Knowing where to find that can be quite difficult.  There are a few S-Anon One Helpful 12 Step Group that are very helpful.  But beyond that it can be so confusing, when your mind is already in a fog.

Support Talk Show

As a woman who has years of experience living with a sex/love addict/narcissist,  and has recovered from it…amazingly quickly, so my CODA sponsor likes to say…I understand your pain.  You will find that I have walked in your shoes, and relate to your situation.

I muddled through on my own for far too long.  Thinking I could handle it myself, since I’m such a strong person. Feeling embarrassed by the details of what had happened, and not eager to tell anyone.  That got me nowhere, except in more pain and more isolated.

Now I am ready to pay it forward and help you with your journey to a healthy life.  My new talk show, Your Life Matters, begins on Friday March 18th at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST.  This will be a weekly show and it’s live.  So be sure to tune in and call in.

Where to Find the Show

Your Life Matters will be on www.BlogTalkRadio, as part of the Journey Into the Light network.  Visit this site on Fridays at show time to listen, join in the chatroom, or call in.

The show is archived, so if you cannot tune in live, you can download episodes and listen to them later.  The information will still be valid and invaluable.

Website on the Way

Soon there will be a website where you can read about this topic, get support information, ask questions, and read blog postings related to this topic.  The intention is to build a community where we support one another through this extremely painful time, and beyond.

If you are recovered from a toxic relationship as described above, currently living in one, or you were/are a sex addict or love addict…email me about being a guest on the show.  I will be having guests from both sides of this issue, to allow you better understanding, and more knowledge.

This will be the last time I write about this new support talk show on this blog.  Be sure to follow as soon as the site is up and running, so you are up to date on all of the assistance available to you.

Here to help…






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