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Where Lightworkers Come From

Our universe has many planes of existence.  Each one has lessons a spirit needs to master before it is able to move on to the next level. When a spirit has learned enough to move ahead, it has increased enlightenment and its light energy has expanded.  This increases the spirits vibration frequency until it eventually ascends to the next plane. You are likely wondering what your plane of origin is.

As you ascend higher through these energetic worlds, you became more pure and filled with light.  Ultimately you become one with Source.  These higher realms are where Lightworkers come from.  It can take many lifetimes to build up the amount of light energy necessary to ascend to these higher realms.  Choosing an incarnation on Earth is really an apprenticeship to a higher school of learning.

Hundreds of Lifetimes

By the time you are in the higher realms, you could have lived hundreds of lifetimes, spanning thousands of years. Lightworkers have grown accustomed to living in a place of unconditional love, providing them with more light energy.

Long ago they lost interest in the physical world and have no personal reason to return to the darkness of Earth’s plane of existence.  But it is a Lightworkers nature to feel a duty to return here anyway, to share some of their light. They know that this helps to balance the energy here on Earth and heal the planet.  They agree to return to enlighten humanity.

The Higher Planes

The Earth plane is the first plane of origin.  It is the heaviest and holds the most darkness.  Source is the seventh plane and is the most light-filled, loving frequency of all.  Lightworker souls come from the third through seventh plane.  Keep reading to find out which plane your soul came from.  This will help you to define your role as a Lightworker here on Earth.

  •  Third Plane–  This is the plane you achieve when you choose to let go of all material attachments.  Below are the signs of a Lightworker who came from this plane:
  1. You have powerful intuitive feelings
  2. You have a strong sense of self discipline
  3. You have  a strong sense of justice
  4. You are an advocate for those in need
  5. You have a strong urge to speak out when you see injustice
  6. You are the one to organize rallies and gather people for the sake of humanity
  7. You risk everything for something or someone you believe in

Roles suited for a Lightworker from the third plane are judges, lawyers, politicians, police officers, teachers,                 social workers, non-profit or charitable foundation organizers, and intuitive advisors.

  • Fourth Plane –  Lightworkers who descend from this plane work from a place of pure love and healing light. They bring kindness, compassion, and hope to all.  Often they bring peace and harmony through words, music, or art.  Below are signs of a Lightworker who comes from this plane:
  1. You have strong compassion for others
  2. You are very empathic toward others
  3. You have strong creative abilities
  4. You are a prolific writer
  5. You have musical talents
  6. You have an eye for beauty
  7. You have artistic abilities
  8. You have powerful healing capabilities

Roles suited for a Lightworker from the fourth plane are poets, authors, composers, singers, designers, architects, and energy healers.

  • Fifth Plane–  Lightworkers who descend from this plane bright with them the wisdom of creation; which is all knowledge.  All scientific discoveries come to us through spirits who are from the fifth plane.  Below are signs of a Lightworker who comes from this plane:
  1. You are a powerful visionary
  2. You have strong clairvoyant abilities
  3. You have the ability to enlighten the masses
  4. You are ahead of your time
  5. You have prolific dreams
  6. You have a powerful imagination
  7. You have strong telepathic capabilities
  8. You have superior intellectual capabilities
  9. You are a person who can change the world

Roles suited for a Lightworker from the fifth plane are scientists, metaphysicians, spiritual gurus, world leaders, medical researchers, inventors, philosophers, creators of advanced technology, and prophets.

  • Sixth Plane–  Ascended masters and Archangels belong in this plane.  The sixth plane is reserved for those of the very highest frequency.  They are just beneath Source.  While once mortals, these spirits are near completion of their spiritual evolution and have limitless powers.  Below are signs of a Lightworker who comes from this plane:
  1. You serve as a teacher for humanity
  2. You create a shift in consciousness
  3. You appear on Earth, forgoing the birth and death process
  4. You create increased spiritual awareness
  5. You heal the planet’s energy
  6. You assist with the expansion of light energy
  7. You oversee human evolution

Roles suited for a Lightworker from the sixth plane are spiritual leaders, guardian angels, and healers.  Their light energy will draw those in need of spiritual enlightenment toward them automatically.

  • Seventh Plane–  This is the plane where Source exists.   A spirit completes its journey and becomes an ascended master when it reunites with Source.   Below are ways that Lightworkers whose plane of origin in the seventh plane become part of Source energy:
  1. You are your Creator
  2. You are composed of energy
  3. You are all-knowing
  4. You are what connects all life force in the universe
  5. You know only unconditional love
  6. You have no concept of time
  7. You are eternal

Once you are in the seventh plane, there is only one role; to be a part of Source (God).

Your Plane of Origin

If you cannot decide which plane you came from, ask a few trusted, spiritual friends to read the lists and tell you which plane they believe you come from.  Sometimes that is more objective.

Once you are sure of your plane of origin, you can move forward in life with some good ideas of the type of role that you will not only excel in, but that will feed your soul.  Finding your mission is going to propel you forward on your spiritual journey.

Blessings to you!








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