Touched By Spirit

The Hardest Thing

When you lose a loved one, the hardest thing is not being able to touch them.  The good news is that when you have a love connection during life, that connection never ends.

This is true whether you were husband and wife, sisters, mother and child, owner and pet.  While it is true that you cannot reach out and touch them when you want to, you can be touched by spirit.

Being Touched By Spirit

I have felt spirit touch me as a comforting hand on my shoulder, a reassuring touch on my hand, wiggling my toe, rubbing my back, softly stroking my hair or face.  For me, this is not an uncommon event.  It has not startled me for many years.

Once, in a museum in Chicago with my daughter and grandsons, we were listening to the tour guide talk in the master bedroom and a spirit hand wrapped around my ankle.  I looked down and around, alerting my daughter.  She understood what had happened.  Like me, she finds this sort of thing fascinating.

If You Cannot Feel it Yet

You may be touched by spirit and be unaware of it.  When you are in a mediumship session with me, if spirit is touching you and wants you to be aware of it, they show me where and how they touch you.  Often they touch me that way to emphasize their message.

After I tell you about this, it is like a boundary dissolves and you begin to feel their touch.  That may even be the main reason they guided you to see me for a reading.  They know that you need to feel their presence.  You need to know that your loved one is with you, though their body is gone.

Pay Close Attention

In a reading, I sometimes ask your deceased loved one to stand close to you, or put their hand on your shoulder.  I want you to know what it feels like when spirit is near; and when you are touched.  For some it is a rise in vibrations, for others it is chills over the body, others feel warmth where touched.  You can get this kind of communication from your deceased pets too.  I can have them rest their paw on your knee, or sit at your feet.

Once you know what spirit feels like, it makes it much easier to notice it when you are touched.  It is meant to reassure you that you are not alone, to let you know that you are loved and watched over.

I would love to hear your story about being touched by spirit.


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2 replies
  1. Karen Bouchard
    Karen Bouchard says:

    They really are with us. After I saw you at your new center for my medium reading, I began to feel the exact touches my father showed you. I can feel his hand on my shoulder, just as I did in the reading when you asked my father to stand next to me and put his hand on me. It helped me know what to expect. The interesting thing is that now I think I can feel when my father is around, even if he doesn’t touch me. I feel so much closer to him. You told me my grief would lessen, and it has. Thank you, Ivory.

    • energy
      energy says:

      Hello Karen. I am so glad to hear you are now able to feel the touch of your father. What a beautiful gift he gives you, as I know the comfort you must be receiving from knowing he is there with you. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Karen.


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