What to Expect in an Intuitive Reading

Sitting Down With a Psychic

If you have had intuitive readings before, then you have a good idea of what to expect. For you, this post will be more about what to expect in a reading with me. But if you have never had an intuitive reading, you wonder what to expect in an intuitive reading.  This post will get a clear idea of what to expect once you are sitting down with the psychic.

In this case, the psychic is me. Understand, that while some of this information is true for pretty much all intuitive readings, it is in particular how I conduct my readings.

The Setting

My office is professional, comfortable, serene, with an emphasis on angelic art.  There is a soft glow of candlelight from the white angel candle on my reading table.  You walk into a gentle scent of pure essential oils diffused lightly throughout the room.

It is quiet, and the lights are dimmed to provide rest for your eyes.  You hear faint relaxing music playing from the lobby.  I offer you your choice of cushy purple chairs to sit in.  You are given permission to record the audio portion of your reading, which you can do with a smart phone. You can also take notes.

You will note that my energy is calm, kind, and warm.  You will feel comfortable talking with me.

What to Expect in an Intuitive Reading

I hand you my deck of Archangel Oracle cards and ask you to shuffle them until you feel you are done.  You are instructed to think about any questions or situations you wish me to look at for you, as you shuffle.  When you are done, you hand the deck back to me.

The cards are fanned out, and you select cards, placing them face down on the table, in a specific pattern.  Before I turn over the first card, I let you know that though there are cards involved, this will not be a card reading.  I use these Archangel Oracle cards to tune into your energy faster.  All of the information received will come from intuitive insights and your angelic guides.

The Reading Begins

You ask me a question, or give me the first name of a person you wish me to look at intuitively.  You let me know what kind of information you have a concern about.  I get quiet as I focus on a blank wall, letting my conscious mind drop away so my intuitive senses deepen.  I begin to receive intuitive information in response to your question.

This information can be spoken, written, a picture, an item, or a short video, as well as a deep sense of knowing.  I pass this information on to you, exactly as I received it.  I do not interpret these messages, as they are only for you. Any interpretation is likely to distort the true meaning.  If you do not connect with the message immediately, you can listen to your recording later, and discuss the messages with relatives and friends if necessary.

You will likely receive some information you already know, words from recent conversations, or words from something you recently read.  This happens to give you confirmation that my intuitive messages are accurate.  You will also get insight into people’s true nature, their motivations, how they truly feel about you, ways to end discord, the best job for you, business/corporate information, and more.

Your Angelic Guides

At some point during your intuitive reading with me, your angelic guides will come in.  They arrive to give messages, to emphasize the importance of intuitive information being given to you, and to let you know about the specific angelic protection you are receiving currently.

When your angelic guides come in, I let you know right away.  Often you will feel their presence, which helps you know when they are present at later times as well.  When the information I am giving you comes from your guides, I let you know.  If you request a timeline, I always ask your angelic guides as they know everything happening behind the scenes and everything that will happen for you.  They are amazingly accurate.

Now you know what to expect in an intuitive reading with me.  I trust this information calms any qualms you may have had and encourages you to set up a reading for yourself.

After Your Reading

I encourage you to stay in touch with me, via email and my blog.  You have come into my awareness and I care about what happens in your life.  When something I told you would happen comes to be, drop me an email.  If you have a question about something that was said, I will do my best to address that.  Understand that I generally release information I get intuitively after your reading, so remembering precisely what was said will rely on your recording or notes.

You will be invited to sign up for my newsletter, which is blog posts on spirituality, angels, spirit communication, intuitive skills; special events, news, and occasional discounts for future services.  You can respond to blog posts with comments about your own experience on that topic, questions about the post, or updates on your life.

If you have never had an intuitive reading…what is the main reason you have not had one?

If you have had intuitive readings…what did you enjoy most about it?

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