Are You a Lightworker?

You Could be a Lightworker

Have you always felt a strong desire to help others?  People may have accused you of trying to save the world.  Are you drawn to healing in some form?  When others are sad, hurt, or angry, do you feel their emotions and feel great empathy for them?  These traits alone are not definitive, but if they apply to you, you could be a Lightworker.

What Is a Lightworker?

Changes are that you have never heard the term “Lightworker” before, or if you have, you did not really know what it meant.  Since you are reading this post now, now is the time for you to become aware of the existence of these beautiful beings.  And perhaps you are one of them.

Though you may have felt cursed by your   sensitive, caring nature, the reality is that these are spiritual gifts. They make you beautifully gifted.  With the world being in the state of fear, chaos, and unrest it is in, it needs more people like you.

How Does One Become a Lightworker?

You were likely born a Lightworker.  Some become one after a spiritual awakening.  That can happen through trauma, a near death experience (NDE), or simply reaching the point where they are meant to awaken to the truth of who they are.  I don’t worry about how you became a Lightworker.  Instead, I focus on helping you see what an incredible soul you are.  Here is some more information on where Lightworkers come from.

Are you a Lightworker?  Read the following 10 traits and see if you have any or all of these characteristics. If you do, welcome to the world of people with a mission.

1. You feel Genuine Love and Concern for all People

People have remarked on your lack of judgment or prejudice.  You see all humans as one group and your heart is full of love for them.  It’s possible you may even feel a connection between your heart and many other people.

2. People and Animals are Drawn to you

They feel your energy (aura) and it feels good to them.  You feel safe and loving.  People and animals want to be near you.  Others have likely said that they feel better when they are around you, or they feel better after spending time with you.  They have been bathing in your high vibration energetic field.

3.  You are a Born Healer

Since you were very young, you have had a compassionate nature.  You do not like to see people in pain, whether physical or emotional.  It has been your habit to strive to help people in any way you can.  It is likely that you learned First Aid, or another form of healing.  When someone is in pain, you must help them.

4. Your Words are Healing and Powerful

This can manifest in being a writer, speaker, counselor, singer, or song writer.  Words flow straight from your heart and they do heal.  This is something you do naturally and have great passion for.  It is likely you have been aware of this gift since childhood.  You may have been told that there is something healing about your voice itself.

5.  You Know you Have a Mission

You may already be doing that mission, but chances are you are still trying to figure out what it is.  For a long time you have known that you are here to accomplish something specific.  It is something that involves your spiritual gifts and your strong desire to heal.

6.  You Do Not Always Fit in

Sometimes you feel like an outsider at social gatherings.  This is especially true if they are not spiritual, or do not understand your gifts or your driving need to find your mission.  You are content with people who are like-minded. It’s likely that you have experienced hostility from others for no apparent reason.  These people are not operating in the same dimension as you are and have a fear of you because they do not understand what makes you different.

7. You See or Feel Angels

You have seen an angel, heard an angelic guide speak to you, or felt the presence of your angels.  Since you were very young, you had a sense of knowing that angels were real and that you are protected.  You feel great comfort from knowing your angelic guides are with you.  Your longing for a relationship with them grows steadily.

8.  Typical 9 to 5 Jobs are Not for You

You may have tried working a typical job, but realized that it is not a good fit for you.  The work was not meaningful, the people you worked with were toxic or spiritually unaware.  You felt a pull to leave that behind and begin using your spiritual gifts to make a living.  When you did that, it felt instantly right and you thrived.  You like to set your own hours and do work you are passionate about.  For you happiness is when you work your mission…not a job.

9.  Radiating Joy

Most of the time, you are smiling, happy and radiating joy.  People who know you call you a ray of sunshine. Strangers respond to your energy with smiles, and pleasant words.  Who you really is radiating out for all to see and feel.  This is not something you do; it is who you are.

10.  You Shield Yourself From Darkness

This world has a lot of fear, hate, anger, and negativity.  You have come up with ways to shield yourself from being affected by it.  You have realized that negative people and environments have a very real physical effect on you. Perhaps on a subconscious level, you are protecting your heart and soul from toxic people.  If you are aware of this, you have likely left some relationships behind because they were not healthy for you.

If you have 7 or more of these characteristics, you are a Lighterworker.  Your journey will not be easy, but you came here specifically to work your mission.  You knew, before you were born, that this mission would be challenging.  Yet, you agreed to come anyway.  You are blessed.  Because of your gifts, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in the world in a very positive way.

Leave your thoughts and comments about being a Lightworker below.    If you do not wish to leave a public comment, you may email me at  I offer Spiritual Counseling to assist Lightworkers with their journey.

Yours in light,






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