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What's in it for You?

Ivory LaNoue angelic medium

Going Forth With Confidence

You are intelligent and perceptive.  But when you are in it, it is difficult to find your way out of situations.  I offer balanced clarity.  You will be given straightforward insights into any area of your life you have questions about.  This allows you to go forward with more confidence.

You are Special

Your session is customized to your needs.  You are unlike anyone else which I recognize and honor.  It's likely you were referred to me, but your session will be different; based on your needs.

Benefits Galore

Choosing me to assist you with your spiritual journey & life in general means you will:

  • Be able to access your intuition
  • Trust your decisions
  • Gain a business advantage
  • Know your angels & guides
  • Shift forward
  • Shine your light brightly

Why me?

Everyone needs a quirky six foot redhead professional psychic medium in their corner.  There aren't many of us around!   

Classes for Personal & Business

I offer a range of classes for your spiritual development, specific techniques, and healing.  Want to take your heart based business to the next level, or start one?  I offer a series of classes that will illuminate the path for you.


  • How do I conduct sessions?  In person, by Skype, Facetime and gridMe.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?   Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Venmo.
  • Does it affect the reading to do it by phone?  No.  The quality of psychic, mediumship and angel readings is usually improved by the sitter not being there in person.
  • Is there anything you cannot do remotely?  Only Medical Qi Gong Energy Healing must be done in person.
  • What is the best way to communicate with you?  Email.  Use the form on the Contact page of this site.

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