About Ivory - Psychic Medium - FAQ

My Gifts are Varied

Since around age 2, I have seen and heard spirit and angels.  They have been a huge part of my life, always.  

I cannot remember a time when I wasn't picking up information psychically.  This is a skill I hid for years, trying to be "normal".  After my spiritual awakening in 1984, there was no going back.

Also, I am a super empath.  I feel sensations in my body related to your health, or what led to the death of someone else.  As we talk, I will pick up emotions about your past and your present.

I am a natural healing facilitator.  When you need physical, emotional or mental healing, I will sense that and can help you.

For over 20 years I have been mentoring students; developing their spiritual gifts to the highest possible level.  

One of my passions is helping others to discover & develop their gifts, learn how to communicate with spirit, and help others create a successful heart based business.

More About Ivory


Trained by Experts

 I began my training in 1992 with Belinda Howell.  She helped me fully develop my psychic skills and I earned my Reiki Master certificate.

In 1996 I had the honor of an in-depth study of Medical Qi Gong Energy Healing with Jan Kennedy, PhD.

My last mentor was Susanne Wilson, the Carefree Medium. Through an extensive, private series of classes, she brought my mediumship skills to a professional level.


Don't Let This Psych You Out

Before I began doing this work full time, I had a long career in the field of mental health.  My work was with low income and homeless persons with serious mental illness and addictions, less critical mental health issues, and those with dual diagnoses. 

My last position was Program Coordinator for Mental Health for  the Yavapai County Health Services, which is in central Arizona.

You receive the grounding energy of my mental health experience plus my deep connection to spirit and angels


Classes for Personal & Business

I offer mentoring for your spiritual development, specific techniques, and healing.  

Want to take your heart based business to the next level, or start one? I offer mentoring that will illuminate the path for you.



Best Psychic Directory

I have been deemed reputable and legitimate by Bob Olsen, the owner of this psychic recommendation site.  He is a former skeptic and private investigator.

Contributing Writer

One of my joys is being a regular contributing writer of psychic and angels articles for:

  • Spirit Guides Magazine
  • Sivana East
  • Wellness Universe

I also provide classes for Spirit Guides Magazine as part of their "Cosmic Collective" which is a heart centered online community for spiritual persons.

Afterlife Research

I am a member of A.R.E.I., Afterlife Research and Education Institute.  In 2017 Ivory founded the Sedona chapter and runs meetings for discussion of the afterlife, teaching afterlife communication methods, discussing spiritual topics, and demonstrating mediumship.

At their annual symposiums, I offer readings, and spiritual counseling.

Energy Medicine Professional Association

Since opening my business, I have been a member of this association which protects energy workers and their practices.  

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How are sessions conducted?  In person, by Skype, Facetime and gridMe.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?   Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Venmo.
  • Does it affect the reading to do it by phone?  No. The quality of psychic, mediumship and angel readings is usually improved by the sitter not being there in person.
  • Is there anything you cannot do remotely?  Only Medical Qi Gong Energy Healing must be done in person.
  • May I record my session?   Yes.  You are encouraged to do so as it is impossible to remember everything that is said in your session.
  • What is the best way to communicate with you? Email.  Use the form on the Contact page of this site.