About Ivory LaNoue

My spiritual gifts are evidential mediumship, psychic, angel communicator, spiritual counselor, healer, and teacher.

Professional Background – Spiritual

Since 1996, I have been a professional psychic.  I mentored extensively 1:1 with Susanne Wilson, the Carefree Medium, for mediumship.

In 1993 I earned my Reiki Master certificate, studying with Belinda Howell.  I studied with Jan Kennedy, PhD for medical Qi gong healing in 1996.

Professional Background-  Mental Health

I had a career in the field of mental health.  My work included providing services and housing for seriously mental ill persons.  My last position in that field was Program Coordinator for Mental Health in Yavapai County, AZ.


When spirit is around me, I feel them and will let you know.  In a session, I hear spirit speak, they show me scenes and symbols, and they let me feel things in my body that pertain to them.  Also, I see physical aspects of your loved ones, and pass on messages to you from them.  If you wish, I will help you to feel the energy of your loved one.

My reading style is kind, loving, and calming.  Read my feedback here on my website and on Yelp, TripAdvisor and Google to see what my clients have to say.  You can read more about this on my Services page under “Mediumship”.

Psychic Reading

I am a clear channel which means I do not need to use any tools to do your reading.  I like to use Archangel Oracle cards to quickly tune into your energy.  As I get psychic information, I go into depth about what I see about your past, current, future, business, relationships, spirituality, and any specific areas you wish me to address.  My style is kind, honest, caring, and warm.  Timelines are a specialty of mine. They are highly accurate.

Angelic Guides

At some point during your reading, it is likely that your angelic guides will come in.  When that happens, I let you know.  If your angels have messages for you, I pass those on to you, though that is a different type of reading called “Meet Your Angelic Guides”.

Spiritual Journey

In 1986 I began an intense spiritual journey when I had a profound spiritual awakening.  Following the messages and signs my angelic guides provided, I have made my way to my mission, which is helping people to form real relationships with their angels and guides,  and healing.

You will find that I have a very calm manner and am able to help you through spiritual dilemmas, understand your own spiritual awakening, moves to the next level spiritually, as well as explaining unusual occurrences you may be experiencing.

Medical Qi Gong Energy Healing

The style of energy healing I do most often is medical Qi Gong. It is extremely powerful. With Medical Qi Gong, I can heal people of serious ailments with no side affects, relieve pain, quickly improve energetic levels, give activations, and remove trauma. I specialize in helping people who are survivors of abuse, persons with addictions, and many physical and emotional issues.  Since 1996, I have been giving medical Qi Gong energy healing treatments.

Thought Field Therapy

This is a neuro-science technique I use for those with PTSD (any traumatic incident) to allow them to remove any emotional attachment to the memory.  After this treatment, it will be like you saw the traumatic event in a movie, or read about it.  It will never bother you emotionally again.  This allows you to heal faster and move ahead with life.

Talk Show

I co-host a live Crowdcast show called “The Sedona Soul Sisters Show”.  You can tune in Thursdays at 2:40 pm Arizona time.  You can join the chat room to ask questions which we will answer live on the show, and leave comments.  Here is a link to the show:  https://www.crowdcast.io/sedonasoulsisters

For two years, I hosted a spirituality show called “Ivory Angelic”.  Each week I focused on a different spiritual topic such as angels, intuition, gratitude, the afterlife, and spirit communications.  Shows are archived on BTR.  You can download them and listen to them any time you like.

My business, Sedona Soul Sisters, had a live show called “Mystical Sedona”.  You can see archived episodes of this fun and educational show on YouTube under “Mystical Sedona”.