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Welcome fellow Lightworkers!

It is imperative that Lightworkers protect themselves spiritually every day.  This is to ensure that your energy remains pure and bright, you are drawing only from the light with your work, and to give you extra protection should you come under dark energy attack. Spiritual protection needs to be a part of your daily routine.

Therefore, I have compiled several great methods and put them all on this page for you.  Feel free to copy and save these for your use.  Share these with anyone you know who could use them.

Books for Lightworkers

Lightworkers who have recently awakened to their true identity need this book, “Lightworker“, which explains what it means to be a Lightworker, the meaning of experiences you have likely had throughout your life, and what to expect. If you like it, there is a follow up book which is also very good, “The Lightworkers Source“, which goes into more detail. These are books which have helped many Lightworkers on their path. They will help you too.

In conclusion, if you have any questions, or concerns, I am here for you.  Feel free to email me any time at ivoryangelic@outlook.com.


The Invocation of the Four Archangels

Say this in the morning as soon after you awake as possible.  Also, say it when you are fearful and in need of extra protection.

Face East as you say this

By the Grace of God (my Higher Power, etc.), I invoke the protection of the archangels.

Archangel Michael, I invoke thee for protection.  Please stand at my right side with your angel warrior energy.

Archangel Uriel, I invoke thee for protection,  Please stand at my left side transmuting negative energy into positive energy.

Archangel Raphael, I invoke thee for protection.  Please stand before me with your healing angel energy.

Archangel Gabriel, I invoke thee for protection.  Please stand behind me and give me strength, great messenger of God.

Michael before me,

Uriel to my left,

Raphael before me,

Gabriel behind me.

Thank you.


Grounding and Protection

Always ground and protect your energy prior to a reading, when working on your abilities, or anytime you feel the need.

Intention and gratitude mean the most, so you may use any protection words that resonate with you.  You may also visualize a grounding cord (from your root chakra or under your chair) going deeply into Mother Earth.


God (Holy Creator, Divine Source, etc),

Thank you for blessing me with this day, with my life and with my many

Spiritual Protection with Ivory Angelic Medium 928-282-2243


Thank you for giving me another opportunity to serve you in this body.

I ask that you surround me in a beautiful, translucent golden bubble of


That is bathed in the divine white light of your holy spirit,

Sealing IN all of my positive energies and good health.

Sealing OUT all negative energies, ill health and entities from lower realms.

I send white light to the lower realms,

So that only peace, love and protection may enter in.

And so it is.


The Blue Waterfall of God’s Love and Protection

When you take a shower, turn the water to as hot a temperature as you can tolerate.  Stand under the spray and say:

“I am standing under the blue waterfall of God’s love and protection; washing away all negativity from within and without”.

Say this a few times.  As you do so, visualize all negativity washing away, going down the drain to disperse harmlessly into the Universe.  See your violet light (see book below) shining strong, easily able to resist all attempts to enter by dark energy.


I highly recommend you obtain a copy of “Violet Flame To Heal Body, Mind And Soul (Pocket Guide to Practical Spirituality)
by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

You can obtain a copy of this book online and in most spiritual bookstores.  It is tiny, but mighty.  The invocations are at the back of the book.  Do them every day, first thing in the morning.


God’s Golden Bubble of Love and Protection

When you are afraid, nervous, or experiencing dark energy manifestations, visualize a beautiful, gleaming, gold bubble of God’s love and protection surrounding you and protecting you.

Then imagine a bigger bubble around your bed, then your bedroom, then your home, then your property, and then your vehicle.  This can be done at your place of business, or a hotel, as well.  Anywhere.


Spiritual protection with Ivory Angelic Medium 928-282-2243

You may be thinking…this seems like a lot of protection.  You are right.  It is.  That is because you are a being of light. You have lived many lives, evolving spiritually with each life, and are now here for a very specific reason.  You have a mission and your work will help many people.  Of course dark energy will want to try and take your energy, use it, and stop you from your mission.

We Lightworkers must stand strong together.  I have your back and I know you have mine.  We do not live in fear. We protect ourselves thoroughly and go out to find and fulfill our missions.

The world needs us and together we can help this world ascend in consciousness.

Yours in love and light,