Finding Your Spiritual Love

Finding your Spiritual Love Doesn’t Have to be so Difficult

It Starts Before You Meet

Many people think that they begin to learn how to be a good romantic partner once they are in a relationship. But if you want to find your true spiritual love partner, you need to begin the work now.

Who you are now has a lot to do with the type of person you will attract and the type of relationship you will have. Most of the real work is done when you are single and aware that you are ready for a deeper connection.

10 Things to Master

Before you are ready to invite your spiritual love partner into your life, you need to master these things:

  1. Create a great relationship with yourself- Take your focus off of finding love and put it squarely on you. In order to have happiness, and lasting joy in life you need to have a positive self image. How do you feel about you? How do you think about yourself? How do you speak about yourself? How are you holding yourself back from self acceptance, and why?
  2. Let go of Anxiety and Trust- You have a team of angels and guides who are focused on helping you in your journey. Of course they have a wonderful romantic partner coming in for you. Release your anxiety and trust that your love will come in when the time is right, when you are ready, and when you have the best chance to have a highly successful relationship.
  3. See Yourself as Lovable- If you do not believe that you deserve love, let alone a remarkable spiritual love, you are telling the universe to withhold love from you. If you don’t believe you are lovable, how is anyone else supposed to? When you see yourself as lovable and note the positive traits you have, the energy shifts and you are manifesting love.
  4. See the Love that Surrounds You Now- Love is everything and that does not mean romantic love exclusively. Look around at your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Think about how they love you and allow yourself to feel that love. Let it fill your heart. You have been loved all along. This knowledge and being able to tune into it at will can sustain your need for love as you continue working on yourself, preparing yourself to connect with your romantic partner.
  5. Get Rid of Checklists- You have a good idea of what you do and do not want in a romantic partner, but lists such as these can create tunnel vision. You can be so focused on finding that overly defined person that your spiritual partner slides in under the radar and you don’t even notice them. Let yourself be surprised. You can find that your spiritual partner exceeds any list you could have made. The only exception is if you have been in a relationship cycle.
  6. Heal Your Heart and Start Fresh- When you bring the pain of previous relationships into a new one you poison it from inside. You have the wisdom of experience, so you do not need to be hyper vigilant, looking for problems that may not even be there. Give people the benefit of the doubt and let them show you who they are. People are generally good. If you can let go of past disappointments, you will feel more joyful and light.
  7. Find Your Flaws and Work on Them- Do some extensive introspection about yourself. Think about your weaknesses, your flaws, and the times in your life you have handled things less than spiritually. It’s not a fun process, but it does give you a list to work on. Before you can overcome an issue, it must be identified and owned. With ongoing, sincere effort, you can think and act differently. If you have a flaw that you would find unacceptable in a romantic partner, start with that.
  8. Communicate with Integrity- Most relationship breakdowns begin with poor communication. The two types of dysfunctional communication are either saying things in a hurtful way; or suppressing thoughts/avoiding communication. Healthy communications are honest, sincere and come from a place of integrity.
  9. Take Cues From a Healthy Couple- We tend to copy what our parents relationship was like. If your parental modeling was not healthy, those lessons need to be relearned in a way that supports happiness within a relationship. Most of us know a couple that get along well. We have seen them disagree and watched how they handled situations to maintain the love and respect. If you know them well, ask them questions that can help you understand new, healthy ways of interacting.
  10. Practice Opening Your Heart- Some people find it difficult to love with abandon. Before you meet your spiritual partner, you can practice this skill with your family, and friends. Give them more love than you have been comfortable with. Take yourself to a place of unconditional love and acceptance. This will help you love in this manner automatically when your spiritual partner comes into your life.

Moving the Time Line Up

At this moment, as you read this article and have not yet begun to work on these 10 steps, if I looked at a time line about when your spiritual partner will come in, it might be many months, or even years, away.

By working on yourself, changing how you think and behave, learning to love fearlessly, being open to surprises, and learning to trust…within a month I know that time line would move up. It can be moved up considerably when positive action is taken and done consistently. You have some control over when love comes in for you.

Those Who Have Found Love

Leave a comment here about your experience with finding your spiritual love partner. If you have been working these 10 steps and are noticing some differences, I welcome comments about that as well.

I love hearing from you about your journey.

ivory lanoue is a spiritual counselor, mystic medium and angel communicator who specializes in helping people find their spiritual love partner.
Ivory LaNoue Spiritual Counselor, Relationship Expert, Angel Communicator

Are Angels Real?

Learn how to connect with your angels
Get the Proof You Want

I was raised Catholic and have vivid memories of being in the cathedral in Frederick, Maryland listening to a Latin mass, and feeling completely fascinated with the statues of angels and the Virgin Mary.  I would stare at them with great focus, wanting to see them move.  It never happened.

Of course I knew what angels were, because they had been coming to me ever since I can remember.  They would arrive in a glow of light with wings, flowing robes, and beautiful smiling faces.  I considered them to be my good friends.  I still do.  

So That’s What They Are!

It was not until I began Catechism classes through the Catholic church, that I had a term for them.  The first time the nun who taught my class had us open the book to a color photo of the beings I knew as friends and identified them as angels, I felt a little “ah ha” inside.  I smiled because I loved these beings so much and had tremendous trust in them.

Keeping it to Myself

As I got older it became clear, fast, that other people in my life did not see angels.  When I was caught talking with them, people thought I was talking to myself.  I would hear, “You have such an imagination.”  While that is true, I was also talking with my angels.

I decided to keep this to myself after the few times I talked about my experiences with a friend or family member left me feeling unheard, or not believed.  It was easier to just not talk about it.

Angels Were for Biblical Times

The idea that others might not believe angels even exist took me by surprise.  Even other Catholics scoffed at the idea.  They told me that angels were something from Biblical times, or that they were a symbol of something.  This led to real confusion for me as I knew they were very real.

I did engage in conversation with these people once I was in my teen years.  Often the person’s angels would be visibly surrounding them, glowing with love, even as this person was emphatically stating that angels don’t exist.

Saved by Angels

Stories of experiences where people are saved by an angel abound.  I had an experience myself when I was 16.  My parents were traveling in Europe, leaving me in charge of my 4 younger siblings.  Dad had instructed me not to drive his truck.  You know where this is going.  Yep…I drove his truck.

To tell this story properly I must be completely honest with you.  I drove Dad’s truck with my boyfriend and his brother in the cab with me, and all of my siblings in the open bed of the truck.  I was driving twisting dirt roads, following a friend.  Because I did not know where we were going and did not want to get left out, I sped up.

Tragedy Averted

We came to a sharp curve left.  I felt the truck sliding in the dirt to the right.  Then the front and back wheels of the right side of the truck went off the road.  There was a 50 foot drop below.  I remember thinking, “Oh my God.  I just killed all of my siblings.”

There is no scientific explanation for what happened.  Instead of the truck tipping to the right and sending all of us down that drop, suddenly we were back on the road again.  I turned the wheel to the left and we rocketed up a dirt road, coming to a sudden stop against a boulder.

Thank you, Angels

This was over 40 years ago and my heart still races as I recall this event.  I sat in the truck, shaking and crying.  In my head I was saying, “Thank you, angels.  Thank you, God”.  I said it over and over.  Our collective angels; mine, my boyfriend’s, his brother’s, my siblings’, lifted that truck and put us back on the road.  This really happened.

Most people either have a story of their own, or know something who does.  This was not some isolated incident.  When it is our time, its our time.  But when it is not, our angels are there to help us get back on track.

The Proof You Want

All of the talking in the world will not convince a person who needs to experience it for themselves.  Being a skeptic, I understand that.  Here is one way you can get some proof.  This technique is about feeling your angel’s presence.

In a quiet place, close your eyes.  Breathe slowly in through your nose, and out through your mouth.  Keep yourself calm.  Out loud, ask you Guardian Angel to touch your left shoulder.  Then put your focus on that part of your body.  You will feel your angel’s touch as either goosebumps, tingling, cold, or warmth.  If you do not feel it the first time, practice this until you do.

I Hear You Skeptics!

This exercise is not meant to provide you with the ultimate proof that angels exist.  It is a starting point.  When you are ready to accept that you are feeling the touch of your angel…you will.  If you are afraid, or scoffing inside at the whole experience, then you will need to practice more.

I can help you learn how to see, hear, feel and connect with your angels.  If this feels like something you are ready for, check out my Meet Your Angelic Guides reading.

You can book your session here, on my business’ website.

Clearing Energy

clearing energy with Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Energy Clearing by Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Why Does Energy Need Clearing?

There are a variety of reasons that you, your home, or office may need an energy clearing.  The most common is that there is negative lurking about that needs to be ferreted out and given the boot.  Another is that events are happening that disturb or frighten you, or others.  If you are a healer, psychic or medium, you will collect unwanted energy that can affect your work.

There are some easy ways to clear energy.  If you feel comfortable doing this yourself, give it a try.  If you have particularly dark energy around you, I suggest you bring in an expert who will know how to lay down heavy spiritual protection.

Ways to Clear Energy

The most widely known method is the Native American practice of Smudging.  This is done by using the smoke of a sage bundle, or pieces of sage and following a prescribed ceremony.  I have used this method many times over the decades with success.  Very dark energy will likely require a series of clearing to stop all activity and completely clear the energy.

If you are like me and do not tolerate the scent of burning sage, that’s okay.  There are other ways to accomplish the task of clearing out negative energy that might work much better for you and your nose.

Palo Santo

Palo santo is a type of wood that comes from the tree of the same name. It is indigenous to South America.  The name palo santo means “holy wood” thanks to the many healing and spiritual properties it carries.

This holy wood is so powerfully cleansing that almost every shamanic ritual in South America incorporates burning it.  It has a distinct piney, mint and citrus smell that is quite pleasant and refreshing.  You use palo santo the way that a bundle of burning sage is used.

Essential Oils

Another option is using essential oils for clearing energy.  I use frankincense, lavender, and rose oil on a weekly basis in my home and office to clear the energy and set an intention that only that of the highest and best good for myself, my family and friends may enter in.

Here is a list of all essential oils you can use for this purpose:

Rose – Considered the queen of all oils.  This is the oil with the highest vibrational frequency.

Basil – It has been held sacred all over most of the world.  Known well for its protection when in crowds.

Cypress – Will purify surrounding energies while uplifting vibration levels at the same time. You will feel grounded and secure as a result.

Frankincense – Known for purification as well as exorcism. Frankincense is reported to remove negative influences in the body, aura, psychic and environment.

Juniper – Negates negativity. Juniper cleanses energies harmful to good health.  It can also transform negative emotions into positive ones.

Lavender – Clears out energies that will not leave a space. Traditionally used to neutralize negative frequencies during cleansing rituals.

Myrrh – Purifies the environment.  Combined with other oils it increases their potency.

Sage – Neutralizes existing negativity and makes a psychic shield against tension. Historically used by Native Americans to clear the air of negativity.

Palo santo – It is said that the spirits of the sacred Palo Santo trees are carried in the essential oil and are part of what makes the oil so potent. It helps clear homes of “bad energy” and bring in good luck.

Peppermint – Is a powerful astringent for clearing tension and negative vibes.

Cedarwood (virginian) – A majestic tree that expresses a great spiritual strength; exactly what’s needed when experiencing dark energy attack.

The Most Important Thing

The method you choose is not nearly as important as simply doing a clearing regularly.  If you are having dark activity or unwanted paranormal activity in your home, clear weekly.  For psychics and psychic mediums, clear weekly.

Most homes and offices will be fine with a monthly clearing.

Choose the method that appeals most to you, and keep the materials on hand.  You want to be able to do a clearing as often as needed.  Clear your home, your work space and your body.  If you are unsure of how to conduct the clearing, leave me a comment here and I will give you instructions.

When you are afraid, or feel under attack, call me and arrange for me or my associate, Michelle, in Chicago, to come conduct a more extensive clearing for you.  We will remove negative energy, and leave spiritual protection in place to guard you afterward.



Psychic Readings for Children

Readings for children with Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Is That a Thing?

It is.  Quite a few people bring their children to me for a psychic reading.  Usually it is the idea of the child, but sometimes their parent wishes them to experience a reading.

When I realized that my energy draws in children, I shopped around for cards that are appropriate for young ones.  I found this deck you see to the left that not only offer topics children can understand and relate to, but they are child sized.  They are about half the size of normal cards.

Psychic readings for children with Ivory LaNoue 928-282-02243


What Age is Old Enough?

If the child asks for a reading, I will read for them as young as six years old.  In my experience, these children are Crystal or Rainbow children.  They are already so spiritually advanced that I find myself conversing with them on spiritual topics as I would with an adult.  They are asking for a reading because they seek specific information and often because they seek my guidance.

When it is your idea for your child to get a reading, I will read for them at age 9 and up.  At this point, they are able to understand what is going on, the content of the reading, and absorb a good deal of what comes up for them.

Psychic readings for children with Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Cards for Older Children

Psychic Readings for Older Children

For older children, I have a deck called Indigo Angel.  These cards are full size, with more complex messages such as “Look Through the Situation”, “You Are Understood”, “Shielding”, and “Divine Timing”.

This age group is hungry for answers and insights.  They pay rapt attention as each card is turned over, revealing the message.  I find that they ask questions and bring up topics that can be discussed to their satisfaction during the reading.

How These Readings are Conducted

If the child is underage, I prefer a parent to be present.  If the child is an older teen who wishes a private reading and the parent is comfortable with that, I will do so.  Let me explain what to expect in an intuitive (psychic) reading.

Just as I do for adults, I have the child shuffle the deck until they feel they are done. Then I ask them to select four cards and place them face down on a table.  I ask the child if they have a question or concern for me.  If so, I focus on that question/issue as I tune in psychically to read their energetic field.

As I see, hear, or come to know information, I tell them.  While I do not talk down to children, I do strive to use language they can understand.  When a child evidences advanced understanding, I bump up that level to meet their ability to comprehend.  The reverse is true if I can see that a child is confused.


Psychic readings for children can be done in person, by Skype or phone.  You can book a session for your child here.

I really enjoy working with children.  If this will be their first psychic reading, even better.  I will make sure that their first reading is a fun, positive, enlightening experience.

Email me with any questions.




Free, Whole and Healed

The Effects of Fear

Feeling fearful for an extended period of time is damaging to your body, mind, and spirit.  The same is true for an extended source of stress.  Much of the country is mired in fear lately and it is taking its toll.  That is the opposite of the optimum which is being free, whole and healed.

As an empath, I am picking up on people’s extreme fear, nervousness, and anger as I go about my days.  I try to shut that down, but the emotions are so strong now that it is not always possible.  Being a problem solver, I immediately switch my brain to ways that I can help alleviate this for people.  I put my mind to concrete ways I can assist you in feeling free, whole and healed.

Healing Takes Courage

So many are unwilling to admit they are being affected by fear.  Perhaps you are among that group.  See if any of these symptoms apply to you:

  • More physical issues than usual, especially headaches, and low backaches
  • Not sleeping well
  • Feeling nervous and agitated
  • Mood swings
  • Afraid to spend money for fear of what may happen
  • Uncharacteristically hesitant to move forward with plans, personal or professional
  • Loss of interest in socializing
  • Lost connection with your Higher Power
  • Feeling powerless or hopeless

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and believe they are affecting your daily life, then it is time to reach out for help.  Every one of us needs help at some time during our lives.  Once you take the first step toward getting that help, you will begin to feel some sense of relief.  In the meantime, here are some wonderful affirmations to reduce fear and stress.

Free, Whole and Healed

My mission has always been to heal.  Every service I offer is about healing, at its core.  If money is tight right now, please do not let that be the reason you continue to deal with your issues alone.  You may not know that I offer a sliding scale for all of my services.

I would rather be busy all day long, every day, helping you and others in the way they need, than make a certain amount of money.  Email me at and set up an appointment.  Be sure to let me know that you need to pay on my sliding scale.  Do not worry about the specific service you need at that time.  When you arrive, or your phone/Skype session begins, I will know what will serve you best.

A Little of This, a Little of That

You can have 30 minutes of energy healing, or intuitive reading, or another service.  You can also receive a blend of services in one session.  The longer your session is, the more types of services I can provide for you.

Many people come in for an intuitive reading and it becomes apparent that they are in need of energy healing.  Some arrive for mediumship and realize they need some intuitive reading time too.  Whatever you need within your appointment, I will make sure you get it.  My goal is to have you feeling free, whole and healed.  When you leave your appointment, you will feel uplifted and refreshed.

Let me help you to feel and be your best.








Are You a Lightworker?

You Could be a Lightworker

Have you always felt a strong desire to help others?  People may have accused you of trying to save the world.  Are you drawn to healing in some form?  When others are sad, hurt, or angry, do you feel their emotions and feel great empathy for them?  These traits alone are not definitive, but if they apply to you, you could be a Lightworker.

What Is a Lightworker?

Changes are that you have never heard the term “Lightworker” before, or if you have, you did not really know what it meant.  Since you are reading this post now, now is the time for you to become aware of the existence of these beautiful beings.  And perhaps you are one of them.

Though you may have felt cursed by your   sensitive, caring nature, the reality is that these are spiritual gifts. They make you beautifully gifted.  With the world being in the state of fear, chaos, and unrest it is in, it needs more people like you.

How Does One Become a Lightworker?

You were likely born a Lightworker.  Some become one after a spiritual awakening.  That can happen through trauma, a near death experience (NDE), or simply reaching the point where they are meant to awaken to the truth of who they are.  I don’t worry about how you became a Lightworker.  Instead, I focus on helping you see what an incredible soul you are.  Here is some more information on where Lightworkers come from.

Are you a Lightworker?  Read the following 10 traits and see if you have any or all of these characteristics. If you do, welcome to the world of people with a mission.

1. You feel Genuine Love and Concern for all People

People have remarked on your lack of judgment or prejudice.  You see all humans as one group and your heart is full of love for them.  It’s possible you may even feel a connection between your heart and many other people.

2. People and Animals are Drawn to you

They feel your energy (aura) and it feels good to them.  You feel safe and loving.  People and animals want to be near you.  Others have likely said that they feel better when they are around you, or they feel better after spending time with you.  They have been bathing in your high vibration energetic field.

3.  You are a Born Healer

Since you were very young, you have had a compassionate nature.  You do not like to see people in pain, whether physical or emotional.  It has been your habit to strive to help people in any way you can.  It is likely that you learned First Aid, or another form of healing.  When someone is in pain, you must help them.

4. Your Words are Healing and Powerful

This can manifest in being a writer, speaker, counselor, singer, or song writer.  Words flow straight from your heart and they do heal.  This is something you do naturally and have great passion for.  It is likely you have been aware of this gift since childhood.  You may have been told that there is something healing about your voice itself.

5.  You Know you Have a Mission

You may already be doing that mission, but chances are you are still trying to figure out what it is.  For a long time you have known that you are here to accomplish something specific.  It is something that involves your spiritual gifts and your strong desire to heal.

6.  You Do Not Always Fit in

Sometimes you feel like an outsider at social gatherings.  This is especially true if they are not spiritual, or do not understand your gifts or your driving need to find your mission.  You are content with people who are like-minded. It’s likely that you have experienced hostility from others for no apparent reason.  These people are not operating in the same dimension as you are and have a fear of you because they do not understand what makes you different.

7. You See or Feel Angels

You have seen an angel, heard an angelic guide speak to you, or felt the presence of your angels.  Since you were very young, you had a sense of knowing that angels were real and that you are protected.  You feel great comfort from knowing your angelic guides are with you.  Your longing for a relationship with them grows steadily.

8.  Typical 9 to 5 Jobs are Not for You

You may have tried working a typical job, but realized that it is not a good fit for you.  The work was not meaningful, the people you worked with were toxic or spiritually unaware.  You felt a pull to leave that behind and begin using your spiritual gifts to make a living.  When you did that, it felt instantly right and you thrived.  You like to set your own hours and do work you are passionate about.  For you happiness is when you work your mission…not a job.

9.  Radiating Joy

Most of the time, you are smiling, happy and radiating joy.  People who know you call you a ray of sunshine. Strangers respond to your energy with smiles, and pleasant words.  Who you really is radiating out for all to see and feel.  This is not something you do; it is who you are.

10.  You Shield Yourself From Darkness

This world has a lot of fear, hate, anger, and negativity.  You have come up with ways to shield yourself from being affected by it.  You have realized that negative people and environments have a very real physical effect on you. Perhaps on a subconscious level, you are protecting your heart and soul from toxic people.  If you are aware of this, you have likely left some relationships behind because they were not healthy for you.

If you have 7 or more of these characteristics, you are a Lighterworker.  Your journey will not be easy, but you came here specifically to work your mission.  You knew, before you were born, that this mission would be challenging.  Yet, you agreed to come anyway.  You are blessed.  Because of your gifts, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in the world in a very positive way.

Leave your thoughts and comments about being a Lightworker below.    If you do not wish to leave a public comment, you may email me at  I offer Spiritual Counseling to assist Lightworkers with their journey.

Yours in light,






Creating Peace on Earth

Seeing it So Clearly

We want peace on Earth.  It is clear that peace is unlikely to be achieved between nations.  Peace truly begins within each of us.  You have the power to make a difference in the world.  Doubting that?  You are thinking too small.  Imagine you plus millions of others doing what they can to change the current energy of fear and chaos into that of peace and love.

Of course you wonder specifically how you can do that.  For some, it can be accomplished simply by being mindful.  Others require training.  Let’s talk about some specifics of creating peace on Earth.

What Christmas Is

Years ago I realized that Christmas has little to do with gifts and the marketing frenzy around it, and everything to do with love.  A big part of that is spending the holidays with family and friends.  Telling them, and showing them that you love them with hugs, words, and the gift of your time.

Another part of this is by spreading that love beyond your circle.  Helping those in need, lending a hand, doing a favor for a neighbor, assisting a stranger, and paying forward this type of love that others have given to you.  This can be difficult, but you can do it.  It requires you to step outside of your comfort zone a little.  Once you begin, it becomes easier.

Creating Peace on Earth

You may, like many others, find it easy to be more caring and loving at Christmas time.  But it is necessary to carry this forward through the year and beyond.  When you can make this part of the way you live your life, you have put change in motion.  This can be a big part of your spiritual mission.

Yes, you will have days that you forget to think with peace and love.  You are human and therefore imperfect.  So am I.  You do your best. Now here comes the really difficult task.

Responding to Negativity with Peace

You cannot change another person.  People are going to be inappropriate, angry, and even toxic.  Reacting in kind adds to angry, chaotic earth energy.  This is an opportunity for you to change the energy by responding from a place of love.  Speak softly, minimally, be kind, and move on.  Consider practicing forgiveness to free your heart and mind.

It is not about winning an argument, or being right.  If you truly want peace on Earth, it will take millions of us living differently.  Millions of us acting and reacting mindfully.  Most of the hurtful things said and done to us are really not about us anyway.  It is about something that person is dealing with in life.  Try not to take things personally.  This will give you the perspective to distance your emotionally, and be a part of creating peace on Earth.

Blessings and love to you, and your families.




Live Metaphysical Show in Sedona

Sedona is Very Special

Having lived in central Arizona since 1975, I have long been drawn to Sedona.  Sure, the red rocks are stunningly beautiful, the air is clean, and the hiking is great.  It has even more going for it.  A quality that some people are aware of, others feel it and enjoy it but have no idea of what it is.  That is the incredible energy of Sedona.

You know that my mission is to help people with psychic insight, messages from deceased spirit, and through spiritual counseling.  A new live metaphysical show in Sedona is going to put me in a position to help a lot more people.  It will also clear up a lot of misconceptions people have about psychics, mediumship, vortexes, energy healing and many other subjects.  My angelic guides say that this is the time to do this work.  More people are open to learning about these topics and they want to know the truth.

Learn Sedona’s Mystical Secrets

I will be hosting a new live TV show, starting October 13th.  The show is called “Mystical Sedona”, and it celebrates all of the mystical, metaphysical, energetic, spirituality, healing, paranormal, UFO experts and activity in the Sedona area.  My co-host is Anita Owens of Sedona Paranormal Vortex tours.  This show is presented by Sedona Soul Sisters metaphysical center, of which I am one of the partners.

The first segment of the show is a lively discussion with the weekly guest.  Next, some audience members will receive free mini readings (psychic, medical intuitive and other) which will be part of the televised show.  The last segment is the presentation of real paranormal and UFO evidence obtained in the Sedona area, and the fascinating details of what happened at the time it was obtained.

Where and When

This show will be held every Thursday at Relics Restaurant & Roadhouse in west Sedona, in the Lawson Room. Arrive at 11 am.  The brunch buffet is available until 11:45 am.  The show goes from 11:30 am until 1 pm with an intermission.

$40 includes the live show, brunch buffet, beverage, tax, and gratuity.

Tickets are sold online and in advance only.  Get your tickets at

FREE Metaphysical Show in Sedona

The first episode is Thursday, October 13th from 11:30 to 1 pm.  This show will be FREE.  There will be no food or beverage served.

I would love to see as many of you in the audience as possible for the first episode of this metaphysical show in Sedona.  It will be a lot of fun.  Tell your family and friends about this opportunity.

Yours in light,




Angelic Protection

On Call for You

When you are going through difficult times, feeling afraid, under spiritual attack, know that your angelic guides and the Archangels are there for you.  All you have to do is firmly request that they help you and immediately you have the angelic protection you need.

You may wonder how to do that.  It is easy.  Get yourself as centered as possible.  Sit or stand in your power.  State something like, “I call upon the protection of (Archangel name, or one of your angelic guides’ name) to help me.  I need extra protection.  Let me feel your presence, and know that you are here to help me through this time.”  Put it in your own words.

How To Know if It Worked

I did this recently and began seeing far more angels, large flashes of bright white light with no visible source, and twinkles of white light around my home and at the office.

Within a night, or two, after I turned off the light in my room to go to sleep, white flashes of light began to occur every 20 seconds or so.  This goes on until I fall asleep.  This was a whole new experience, even for this life long angel communicator.

What Angelic Protection Does for You

We all go through times that overwhelm us completely.  It hits us on a physical, mental, and emotional level.  When you get run down like that, it is easy to sink down deeper into fear and despair.  If you are under spiritual attack and you sink too low, it makes you more vulnerable to further, escalating attacks.

Calling in Archangels and your angelic guides for angelic protection puts a major, additional layer of spiritual protection around you.  You are in a place where you can’t fend off whatever is going on.  You need a force to be reckoned with…an angelic field of energy around you, watching over you, protecting you.

Seeing it in Action

When you have angelic protection in place, you will note that at times there is an increase in white lights, flashes of light, higher vibrations, chills on your body.  Know that they have sensed incoming attacks against you, or a flag in your personal energy, alerting them to rush in and surround you with more of that angelic protection.

If you do not know who your angelic guides are, I can tell you who they are, what type of guide, and the messages they have for you.  That kind of reading is called a “Meet Your Angelic Guides” reading.  Then you can call in your angelic guides by name, which is powerful.

I love hearing your stories about angelic protection.  Feel free to share them here.  You never know who will be touched and helped by your words.  Remember that I have an entire page of spiritual protection available to you on this blog.

Yours in light,


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Worldwide Earth Healing Project

Part of our Mission

Before we even opened Sedona Soul Sisters, my partners and I discussed organizing large Earth healings.  At some point, we will have them here in Sedona.

In the meantime, we came up with a way for anyone in the world to join us in healing the planet, its people and animals.  I will be debuting the details of this exciting worldwide Earth healing project soon.

Live Interview

Tune into LA Talk Radio, “Empowering Your Life” show Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 at 1 pm PT/4 pm ET.  I am being interviewed by hosts, Michael Long and Jennifer Taylor.
Learn the details of the worldwide healing project I mentioned above that I am putting together, along with my partners at Sedona Soul Sisters. If you are concerned about the planet, its people and animals…you don’t want to miss this.

Never Waste Your Talent

I believe that if you were born with a talent for something, it is because you were meant to do something with it. The talents that made this belief very clear to me are the ones I have in the metaphysical field.  After I gave my first psychic reading, I realized how much assistance I can be to people.

Every day, after I do my spiritual protection, I thank God for another opportunity to serve him in this body.  Discover how I am using my God given gifts of intuition, mediumship, and healing to be of service to people every day.  I will be speaking of specific cases and the transformations I have seen happen.

How to Find the Show

Tune in here to listen to this enlightening, hopeful one hour interview!  Live on Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 at 1 pm PT/4 pm ET.  I will be so uplifted to know you are listening!
I know that people firmly on their spiritual journey are deeply concerned about our planet.  So find out how you can join in on our regular worldwide Earth healing project.  You can make a difference!

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