New Contact Info for Ivory Angelic

Ivory Angelic ~ Sedona Soul Sisters 928 282-2243

New Business

I opened my own metaphysical center with three partners.  It is called Sedona Soul Sisters, located in west Sedona. This means there are all new ways to contact Ivory.  My new address is:

Sedona Soul Sisters

2155 West State Route 89A, Suite 114

Sedona, Arizona  86336

In the Plaza West Mall, between Wells Fargo Bank and the Harkins movie plaza

Check out the Sedona Soul Sisters website to discover our full range of services, which include chair massage.  You will also find a brand new video I recorded, which I believe you will find helpful.  We have four world class psychic mediums, chair massage, and a store.

New Phone Number

We have a new phone number which rings directly to our center.  The new number is 928-282-2243.  Please make a note of this, as calls to the old number will not reach me.

You will enjoy reaching one of our center staff directly.  You can ask questions, set appointments, or leave messages for me.

Classes and Package Deals

We have a busy schedule of classes and demos, by myself and my partners, coming out this month.  Stay tuned for details.  I will set up a page for that, on this site.

Also, you will be able to request a half day package, which will be five 45 minutes sessions including readings, healings, chair massage and a detox foot bath.

Stay tuned for details on these new, exciting options for you!

Come on By

Through the summer, every Sunday you can get a 20 minute reading or healing for just $40. Prices good only on Sundays from 10 am to 3 pm.  Walk-ins welcome.

Now you know the new ways to contact Ivory.  Set up an appointment with me, set up an appointment with one of my wonderful partners, and make sure to get a relaxing chair massage too!



Summer Sunday Spectacular

Introductory Special

Get acquainted with Sedona Soul Sisters with our special low rates on Summer Sunday Spectacular.  This event will happen every Sunday, 10 am to 3 pm through the summer.  Walk in’s only.  Take this opportunity to try our readers and healers at special prices on readings, healings, and chair massage.

This event starts Sunday, May 29th.  Special low rates are good only on Sundays 10 am-3 pm.

Come in to tour our new metaphysical center, meet the readers, try some services, and get a chair massage!

We look forward to seeing you!


Live Interview Today on YouTube

Live Today

Today at 4 pm ET/1 pm PT, I will be interviewed live on the Global Psychics & Healers TV Channel on youtube.

Find out more about my gifts, the services I offer, what makes me different, and shocking moments which have happened during my readings.  You can sign into Google+ and ask a question about these topics, which I will answer live in the interview.

This interview will be available to view any time after today, by clicking on the link above.  Look for “Interview of Ivory Angelic”. So if you cannot tune in for the live show, you can watch it later at your convenience.



Plane of Origin

Learn About Lightworkers with Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Where Lightworkers Come From

Our universe has many planes of existence.  Each one has lessons a spirit needs to master before it is able to move on to the next level. When a spirit has learned enough to move ahead, it has increased enlightenment and its light energy has expanded.  This increases the spirits vibration frequency until it eventually ascends to the next plane. You are likely wondering what your plane of origin is.

As you ascend higher through these energetic worlds, you became more pure and filled with light.  Ultimately you become one with Source.  These higher realms are where Lightworkers come from.  It can take many lifetimes to build up the amount of light energy necessary to ascend to these higher realms.  Choosing an incarnation on Earth is really an apprenticeship to a higher school of learning.

Hundreds of Lifetimes

By the time you are in the higher realms, you could have lived hundreds of lifetimes, spanning thousands of years. Lightworkers have grown accustomed to living in a place of unconditional love, providing them with more light energy.

Long ago they lost interest in the physical world and have no personal reason to return to the darkness of Earth’s plane of existence.  But it is a Lightworkers nature to feel a duty to return here anyway, to share some of their light. They know that this helps to balance the energy here on Earth and heal the planet.  They agree to return to enlighten humanity.

The Higher Planes

The Earth plane is the first plane of origin.  It is the heaviest and holds the most darkness.  Source is the seventh plane and is the most light-filled, loving frequency of all.  Lightworker souls come from the third through seventh plane.  Keep reading to find out which plane your soul came from.  This will help you to define your role as a Lightworker here on Earth.

  •  Third Plane–  This is the plane you achieve when you choose to let go of all material attachments.  Below are the signs of a Lightworker who came from this plane:
  1. You have powerful intuitive feelings
  2. You have a strong sense of self discipline
  3. You have  a strong sense of justice
  4. You are an advocate for those in need
  5. You have a strong urge to speak out when you see injustice
  6. You are the one to organize rallies and gather people for the sake of humanity
  7. You risk everything for something or someone you believe in

Roles suited for a Lightworker from the third plane are judges, lawyers, politicians, police officers, teachers,                 social workers, non-profit or charitable foundation organizers, and intuitive advisors.

  • Fourth Plane –  Lightworkers who descend from this plane work from a place of pure love and healing light. They bring kindness, compassion, and hope to all.  Often they bring peace and harmony through words, music, or art.  Below are signs of a Lightworker who comes from this plane:
  1. You have strong compassion for others
  2. You are very empathic toward others
  3. You have strong creative abilities
  4. You are a prolific writer
  5. You have musical talents
  6. You have an eye for beauty
  7. You have artistic abilities
  8. You have powerful healing capabilities

Roles suited for a Lightworker from the fourth plane are poets, authors, composers, singers, designers, architects, and energy healers.

  • Fifth Plane–  Lightworkers who descend from this plane bright with them the wisdom of creation; which is all knowledge.  All scientific discoveries come to us through spirits who are from the fifth plane.  Below are signs of a Lightworker who comes from this plane:
  1. You are a powerful visionary
  2. You have strong clairvoyant abilities
  3. You have the ability to enlighten the masses
  4. You are ahead of your time
  5. You have prolific dreams
  6. You have a powerful imagination
  7. You have strong telepathic capabilities
  8. You have superior intellectual capabilities
  9. You are a person who can change the world

Roles suited for a Lightworker from the fifth plane are scientists, metaphysicians, spiritual gurus, world leaders, medical researchers, inventors, philosophers, creators of advanced technology, and prophets.

  • Sixth Plane–  Ascended masters and Archangels belong in this plane.  The sixth plane is reserved for those of the very highest frequency.  They are just beneath Source.  While once mortals, these spirits are near completion of their spiritual evolution and have limitless powers.  Below are signs of a Lightworker who comes from this plane:
  1. You serve as a teacher for humanity
  2. You create a shift in consciousness
  3. You appear on Earth, forgoing the birth and death process
  4. You create increased spiritual awareness
  5. You heal the planet’s energy
  6. You assist with the expansion of light energy
  7. You oversee human evolution

Roles suited for a Lightworker from the sixth plane are spiritual leaders, guardian angels, and healers.  Their light energy will draw those in need of spiritual enlightenment toward them automatically.

  • Seventh Plane–  This is the plane where Source exists.   A spirit completes its journey and becomes an ascended master when it reunites with Source.   Below are ways that Lightworkers whose plane of origin in the seventh plane become part of Source energy:
  1. You are your Creator
  2. You are composed of energy
  3. You are all-knowing
  4. You are what connects all life force in the universe
  5. You know only unconditional love
  6. You have no concept of time
  7. You are eternal

Once you are in the seventh plane, there is only one role; to be a part of Source (God).

Your Plane of Origin

If you cannot decide which plane you came from, ask a few trusted, spiritual friends to read the lists and tell you which plane they believe you come from.  Sometimes that is more objective.

Once you are sure of your plane of origin, you can move forward in life with some good ideas of the type of role that you will not only excel in, but that will feed your soul.  Finding your mission is going to propel you forward on your spiritual journey.

Blessings to you!








Support Talk Show

Support Talk Show – Your Life Matters with host Ivory LaNoue

Interesting Background

You may have noted, or remembered, that my background is in mental health.  That is just one of the interesting life experiences I have had.

All of them have given me a piece of the knowledge and skills needed for my other mission. That mission is giving support to people whose lives are being affected by the sexual behavior of someone else.

What Does that Mean?

If you are living with, have lived with, or   even dated someone with a What is a Sexual Addiction?, a love addiction, a secret sex life (living on the down-low, etc.), or a refusal to be faithful, you need a lot of support, guidance, and reassurance.

Knowing where to find that can be quite difficult.  There are a few S-Anon One Helpful 12 Step Group that are very helpful.  But beyond that it can be so confusing, when your mind is already in a fog.

Support Talk Show

As a woman who has years of experience living with a sex/love addict/narcissist,  and has recovered from it…amazingly quickly, so my CODA sponsor likes to say…I understand your pain.  You will find that I have walked in your shoes, and relate to your situation.

I muddled through on my own for far too long.  Thinking I could handle it myself, since I’m such a strong person. Feeling embarrassed by the details of what had happened, and not eager to tell anyone.  That got me nowhere, except in more pain and more isolated.

Now I am ready to pay it forward and help you with your journey to a healthy life.  My new talk show, Your Life Matters, begins on Friday March 18th at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST.  This will be a weekly show and it’s live.  So be sure to tune in and call in.

Where to Find the Show

Your Life Matters will be on www.BlogTalkRadio, as part of the Journey Into the Light network.  Visit this site on Fridays at show time to listen, join in the chatroom, or call in.

The show is archived, so if you cannot tune in live, you can download episodes and listen to them later.  The information will still be valid and invaluable.

Website on the Way

Soon there will be a website where you can read about this topic, get support information, ask questions, and read blog postings related to this topic.  The intention is to build a community where we support one another through this extremely painful time, and beyond.

If you are recovered from a toxic relationship as described above, currently living in one, or you were/are a sex addict or love addict…email me about being a guest on the show.  I will be having guests from both sides of this issue, to allow you better understanding, and more knowledge.

This will be the last time I write about this new support talk show on this blog.  Be sure to follow as soon as the site is up and running, so you are up to date on all of the assistance available to you.

Here to help…






Earthing for Improved Health




Knowing how life is full of synchronicity, I stay open to signs.  A couple of months ago, a friend was talking about something called “Earthing”.  This was new to me, so I was curious.

She explained that it is about re-connecting to Earth’s energy and it was helping a lot people find improved health. That sounded like a good thing, so I picked up a copy of the book and read it.  It makes sense.

We are All Part of Earth

You who are awake and aware understand that everything is vibrating energy, including Earth itself.

We have lost much of our ancient connection with Earth through the common practice of wearing shoes, driving instead of walking, and spending more time indoors than out.

Earthing Makes Sense

The book Earthing introduces the reader to the concept of our planet’s powerful, and overlooked, natural healing energy.  It explains how people anywhere can easily connect to that source.

The authors go on to explain how the physical disconnect with Earth has created abnormal physiology, which has contributed to inflammation, pain, fatigue, stress, and poor sleep.

They believe that by reconnecting to the Earth, symptoms are rapidly relieved and even eliminated.  Also, through Earthing, they state that recovery from surgery, injury, and athletic over-exertion is accelerated.

Simple is Best

After reading this eye-opening book, I have been making time to remove my shoes, peel off my socks and put my feet firmly on the Sedona red soil.  As I do this, I focus on what I am feeling.  There is a vibrational difference, which I believe is coming from Earth itself.

It feels similar to the increased vibrations I feel when doing Qigong Energy Healing, pulling energy up from Earth and using it to heal your body, emotions, or mind.

I have not been doing this long enough to note changes in the inflammation in my shoulder, but I have been sleeping better, and feeling less stress.  That is reason enough for me to continue connecting with Earth.

Here is one man’s experience, with a lot of other feedback below.  It is always good to find out what people say who have tried it.

Give it a try and let me know what you experience.








Seeing Angels


Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243

Seeing Angels

My first memory of seeing angels  was around age two.  I walked off of our family property in the countryside of Maryland and found myself on a long, dirt road.  I was scared and crying.  I felt a presence, looked up and saw a glowing figure at the top of the hill. Instinctively, I began walking toward that figure.  As I got closer, I could see a sweet, smiling face and feel the love emanating from the figure.

Though I did not know who, or what, this figure was, I knew I would be safe with them.  It took my hand and walked me back to my family’s property, within easy view of our home.  I turned around and it was gone.

Hearing Angels

This began as a young child.  Angels would come to my room at night.  I would see them as angels are depicted in religious paintings.  They felt like dear friends to me.  I had some very traumatic experiences in my childhood and the angels gave me messages of hope and love; not through my ears, but in my head.  I was aware that the thoughts were not my own.

They told me that life would get better, that I was very strong and special.  Sometimes they sat next to me on my bed and stroked my head lightly until I went to sleep.  I found their presence incredibly comforting.

Angels still do this for me when I am feeling extremely stressed, or sad.  I find it just as comforting as an adult.  What a blessing!

Angelic Guides

After my powerful spiritual awakening in 1986, I began to see large areas of glowing color floating in my room at night.   A green glowing area would morph into an orange one, which would fade and a blue one would appear. Sometimes the changing colors would go on for forty-five minutes, or until I fell asleep.

It took me a while to realize that these glowing colors were angelic guides.  Sometimes they are departed spirits.  I can feel the difference in energy between the two.  My own Master Guide, Sir Marius, appears to me as a large glowing cobalt blue light.  He has appeared to me in human form in dreams.

Your Guides

You have your own set of angelic guides.  Everyone does.  In Part 2 on the topic of Angel Messages, I will explain the types of angelic guides you have and how you can communicate with them.

Listen to This Show

If you want to know more about this topic, tune in to my talk show on Sunday nights at 6 pm PT, 9 pm EST.  Each week I discuss a spiritual topic and often that topic involves angels.  You can listen, and call in to add to the discussion and get a mini-angelic reading if you like.

You will find my talk show on www.BlogTalkRadio.  It is part of “Journey Into the Light“, the #1 spirituality show on BTR.  A delightful way to end your week.

Yours in light,



Flying Into 2016

Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243

Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243

Open the Door

When a new year is approaching, I feel excited.  So here, at the verge of 2016, I visualize standing before a door. On the other side of that door are unlimited possibilities.  I can’t wait to turn the knob, push the door open and see what the year has in store for me.

Some surprises have already made themselves known.  I will share them with you here.

BlogTalkRadio- Big News #1

Through the generosity of Michael Long, owner of Journey into the Light on BlogTalkRadio, my talk show will continue through 2016.  It will remain in the prime time slot of Sunday nights at 8 pm Central.  I feel honored to be a part of the #1 spirituality show on BlogTalkRadio.

I will introduce a new topic every week.  Listeners will still be able to call in and get a mini-reading, and join in on the topic of discussion that night.  I’m so excited about this as I really enjoy helping my listeners with their spiritual journey, and interacting with them.

BlogTalkRadio-Big News #2

I will have a second show on Journey into the Light, on a different night.  This new show is a support show for persons affected by the behavior of someone with a sexual addiction.  Sexual addiction is one of the fastest growing addictions in the world, and devastating to those involved.

Listeners will be able to call in with questions, to get support, and advice.  When I know more details, you will read about that here.  Read this article to get a better understanding of why this support show is so important to the people being impacted by a sex addict’s behaviors.

The Books You Need in 2016

When I give a reading, I recommend certain books to my clients.  Now you can get those books directly from my website.  I have created an Amazon store with spiritual books and other items you will find of interest.

Right now you can find my store by hovering over the “Shop” tab at the top of my website.  Then click on “Shop Metaphysical Products“.  That will take you to the Amazon store and make it so easy for you to get the books that will assist you on your spiritual journey.

Soon there will be a button on every page, making it even easier to find these books.

Discounted Follow-Up Readings

I have found that after a reading, my clients tend to have more questions come up.  That is a great time to do a follow-up reading to answer those questions, and get more guidance.

When you set a follow-up session with me, via email, within two weeks of your last session you will get a 10% discount.  Sessions are 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or one hour.  They can be done in person, or by phone/skype.

Remind me that you saw me recently, so I can give you this special discount.

Family Time

I am heading to Chicago to visit my daughter and grandsons.  I will be unavailable for in-person readings during this time.  Phone readings can be arranged via email.

I will be checking my email daily, so keep me up to date on how things are going for you.  I care and I enjoy hearing from you.

Blessings, peace, joy, and balance to you in the coming year!








Peace, Light, and Angels

Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243

Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243

When you are a Lightworker, or a person firmly on a spiritual path, your heart is open.  You have compassion, feel love, and desire to help others.

It is the season when the media and religion reminds you to help others.  Since you are already wired that way, as Christmas approaches your heart does a form of blossoming;  seemingly expanding with no bounds.  The feeling can be overwhelming and incredibly beautiful all at the same time.  Embrace that and know that it is a physical glimpse of the spiritual growth you are making.

Let’s harness all of our Light energy into sending peace to the people in our country, and around the planet.  Because when we find peace, then true enlightenment can begin.  It starts in your heart.  Then it extends to the people you touch in your life.  They feel your light and peace and can be deeply affected.  Know that you are a part of the solution.  By acknowledging how powerful love, and light are, we push down the fear that is rampant in the world now.  We allow ourselves, and others, to feel hope and see the promise of something better.

Know that your angelic guides are with you every step of the way.  Today, and every day.  Take a few moments today or tomorrow to sit quietly and ask your angels to make themselves known to you.  You may feel an increase in energy which is manifested by chills.  You may feel a light and comforting touch.  Some of you will see your angels.  What a gift!

Now, and all through the year, I send you love, light, peace, and energy.  You came into my life for a reason.  You needed answers, assistance, closure, peace, or healing.  I trust our paths will meet again.  May this Christmas bring you what you need in your heart and spirit.

Yours in light,

Ivory Angelic

Visit My Metaphysical Book & Product Store


What Angels Feel Like

Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243

Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243

When They Come In

You may be curious about what angels feel like.  I don’t mean what it feels like to touch them, but what it feels like when angels are around. I get three distinct feelings, depending on the circumstances.

Angels During a Reading

When I am giving someone a reading and their angelic guides come in, I feel chills around my body.  They generally enter on one side of my body and move through the other.  This is true even when I am giving a reading in a very warm room.

This happens during every reading I do.  I let you know when I feel your angels coming in and where I am feeling it. Often, I will show you the chills on my arms.  It delights me when, occasionally, the person I am reading for will get those chills too.  You don’t have to be a medium to feel the presence of angels.

Confirmation Chills

During a reading, when I pick up on something that your angelic guides feel is very important for you, they will give me what I call confirmation chills.  These start at my feet and move upward through my body.  The more important the information is for you, the more of my body gets covered in chills.  I joke that if I had short hair, my hair would be on end too.

When you ask me a yes/no question, I ask your angels for input.  They know everything happening behind the scenes and everything that will happen to you.  When their answer is yes, I get the confirmation chills.  The harder the chills, and the more of my body covered in them, the bigger the yes.  No chills at all is a no.  Chills to my knees, or so, is a maybe.  During an Angelic Messenger reading, many angels come in and are eager to give you messages of import to assist you in your life.  There will be so much angelic energy, you are likely to feel it around you.

Feeling a Bit of Heaven

There have been moments in my life when I had an Archangel in my presence.  They are majestic and larger than life, and for me they appear with a golden glow around them.  This golden glow begins to encompass my body.  It feels warm, safe, and is the purest love you could imagine.  When this happens, I find myself weeping with joy.  It really is like feeling a bit of what heaven is like.

The last time this occurred, I was at a friend’s home, here in Arizona.  He and his wife were in the room with me. The Archangel was directly over me, to my left.  Neither my friend, nor his wife, could see it or feel it.  Understand that when an angel makes themselves known to you, it is for you alone; an experience meant to give you reassurance.  So if someone with you does not see it, that is likely the reason.

Curious About Your Experiences

Have you ever felt the presence of an angel?  When was it?  What did you feel?  Did that experience change you in any way, and if so, how?

I love hearing from you and learning about your spiritual journey.