Peace, Light, and Angels

Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243

Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243

When you are a Lightworker, or a person firmly on a spiritual path, your heart is open.  You have compassion, feel love, and desire to help others.

It is the season when the media and religion reminds you to help others.  Since you are already wired that way, as Christmas approaches your heart does a form of blossoming;  seemingly expanding with no bounds.  The feeling can be overwhelming and incredibly beautiful all at the same time.  Embrace that and know that it is a physical glimpse of the spiritual growth you are making.

Let’s harness all of our Light energy into sending peace to the people in our country, and around the planet.  Because when we find peace, then true enlightenment can begin.  It starts in your heart.  Then it extends to the people you touch in your life.  They feel your light and peace and can be deeply affected.  Know that you are a part of the solution.  By acknowledging how powerful love, and light are, we push down the fear that is rampant in the world now.  We allow ourselves, and others, to feel hope and see the promise of something better.

Know that your angelic guides are with you every step of the way.  Today, and every day.  Take a few moments today or tomorrow to sit quietly and ask your angels to make themselves known to you.  You may feel an increase in energy which is manifested by chills.  You may feel a light and comforting touch.  Some of you will see your angels.  What a gift!

Now, and all through the year, I send you love, light, peace, and energy.  You came into my life for a reason.  You needed answers, assistance, closure, peace, or healing.  I trust our paths will meet again.  May this Christmas bring you what you need in your heart and spirit.

Yours in light,

Ivory Angelic

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What Angels Feel Like

Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243

Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243

When They Come In

You may be curious about what angels feel like.  I don’t mean what it feels like to touch them, but what it feels like when angels are around. I get three distinct feelings, depending on the circumstances.

Angels During a Reading

When I am giving someone a reading and their angelic guides come in, I feel chills around my body.  They generally enter on one side of my body and move through the other.  This is true even when I am giving a reading in a very warm room.

This happens during every reading I do.  I let you know when I feel your angels coming in and where I am feeling it. Often, I will show you the chills on my arms.  It delights me when, occasionally, the person I am reading for will get those chills too.  You don’t have to be a medium to feel the presence of angels.

Confirmation Chills

During a reading, when I pick up on something that your angelic guides feel is very important for you, they will give me what I call confirmation chills.  These start at my feet and move upward through my body.  The more important the information is for you, the more of my body gets covered in chills.  I joke that if I had short hair, my hair would be on end too.

When you ask me a yes/no question, I ask your angels for input.  They know everything happening behind the scenes and everything that will happen to you.  When their answer is yes, I get the confirmation chills.  The harder the chills, and the more of my body covered in them, the bigger the yes.  No chills at all is a no.  Chills to my knees, or so, is a maybe.  During an Angelic Messenger reading, many angels come in and are eager to give you messages of import to assist you in your life.  There will be so much angelic energy, you are likely to feel it around you.

Feeling a Bit of Heaven

There have been moments in my life when I had an Archangel in my presence.  They are majestic and larger than life, and for me they appear with a golden glow around them.  This golden glow begins to encompass my body.  It feels warm, safe, and is the purest love you could imagine.  When this happens, I find myself weeping with joy.  It really is like feeling a bit of what heaven is like.

The last time this occurred, I was at a friend’s home, here in Arizona.  He and his wife were in the room with me. The Archangel was directly over me, to my left.  Neither my friend, nor his wife, could see it or feel it.  Understand that when an angel makes themselves known to you, it is for you alone; an experience meant to give you reassurance.  So if someone with you does not see it, that is likely the reason.

Curious About Your Experiences

Have you ever felt the presence of an angel?  When was it?  What did you feel?  Did that experience change you in any way, and if so, how?

I love hearing from you and learning about your spiritual journey.




Energy Healing for Addictions

Heal your addiction with energy healing Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Energy Healing by Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

It’s Never Been Easy

My longest previous career was in mental health.  It was apparent to me that mental health and addictions were not high on the priority list in our country.  This was reflected in the very few treatment options available for persons who have no health insurance, or who have less than high income.

It was frustrating for me in my role as the program director of mental health for the county when I had a person come to me with a serious addiction.  They needed help and were ready to accept it.  Now what?  The options were see a counselor a few times a year, get on the long wait list for inpatient treatment, and 12 step groups.

Then It Became Personal

My former boyfriend’s daughter came to live with us as a young teen.  She was addicted to heroin and cocaine.  She had a serious overdose in the city she was living in with her mother.  Things were not going well at all.  We suggested that she come live with us, due to my background in mental health/addictions.

It was a wild ride.  Even with my mental health connections and knowledge, there was nothing out there for her except 12 step meetings.  We took her to meetings daily, and sometimes twice a day for months.  At these meetings she connected with adult addicts who introduced her to new ways to get high.  Now what?

Clearing My Thought

We had been living in such turmoil and been so busy taking her to meetings, that it took me over a year to realize that I could try Qigong energy healing on her for addiction.  She agreed to this and I began giving her regular treatments.  Within two weeks, she began a mental turn-around in her thinking.

She lost interest in drugs, became focused on college, and her delightful childhood personality began to re-emerge.  I kept giving her treatments now and then.  It is the only thing that we did differently during this time.  Hmmm.  Time to try this on others.

Treatment Outside the Box

I began offering Qigong energy healing to local persons with addictions.  During this time, I gave free sessions as I was still determining whether it was the energy healing that had really helped this young teen stop using drugs.  One after another, persons addicted to alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, and sex/love came to see me.

Each one of them experienced a profound difference in their thinking, a dramatic lessening in their desire to pursue their addiction, and a renewed belief that they could recover.  At my suggestion, they continued going to 12 step meetings and seeing their counselor.  These are great things too.  But they all agreed that it was the energy healing that made the big difference.

Gratefully Sharing My Gift

I am so grateful to have this gift of healing.  Helping people heal from their addictions is part of my mission.  That is why I offer Qigong energy healing sessions at nearly 60% off my regular price.  Instead of paying my usual fee of $120 for a one hour healing session, you pay just $50.  I do this because I know that options are so few, and that can lead to you feeling quite hopeless.  I am offering you a hand up.

Email me at to set your first appointment.  You will need at least one session per week at first.  Then I will taper you off to once a week, and then you only need to come in if you feel the need to.  It is not something you need to do the rest of your life.  It’s just the jump start that will put you firmly on the road to recovery.

I look forward to healing you of addictions and helping you put that  behind you.




Lightworkers Awakening to Their Mission

Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243This was Foreseen

There are prophecies which predicted the arrival of lightworkers.  Now we are here and it is time to awaken to who you are and to our mission.  Each of us has a divine purpose to fulfill.  It is not an exaggeration to say that the world depends upon you.

You were born with your special abilities.  Maybe they are lying dormant at the moment. You have free will to choose to own who you are and move toward your mission, or to step down and choose an average life.  There is no right or wrong in this.  It really is up to you.

Releasing Fear

If you have been holding yourself back from working your mission, it is likely due to fear.  It is critical to release your fear, as it affects your spiritual gifts and your self confidence.  Every day remind yourself that your power as a lightworker comes from God.  Say it out loud if you need to.  This will help you feel more balanced and self confident about your abilities as a spiritual healer.

Healing the Earth

When we come together and focus our mutual gifts, intentions, energy, and spirit, we can literally heal anything. Right now, all around the planet, millions of lightworkers are gathering and doing healing on the land, water, and air of Earth.  We are far from helpless in healing the planet.  In fact, that is the primary reason you are all here at this time.

Scientists have proven that humans can change the quality of water, air temperature and cloud structures, using nothing but their thoughts.  For years, researchers have known that prayer affects plants and animals in a very positive manner.  This means that our collective prayers and healing thoughts can avert the predictions of world trauma that have the people of this planet living in fear.

Our Thoughts Are Powerful

You knew that your thoughts can manifest; whether you are thinking positive or negative thoughts.  At this time you need to be very careful to keep your thoughts and words positive and uplifting.  You are creating your reality, moment to moment.

As a lightworker, a major function for you is to continuously monitor your own thoughts and words.  Make sure they are coming from a high and loving place.  It is natural that occasionally your thoughts will slip into negative, fearful or judgmental thoughts.  When that happens, release those thoughts to the angelic guides surrounding you.  They want you to fulfill your mission and are happy to help keep you on the path.

We are All Healers

Healing is more than doing Reiki, or being a spiritual counselor.  You are an innate healer because you are a lightworker.  Chances are that you have a strong feeling that you can heal, or you have had glimpses of past lives in which you were a healer.  Broaden your definition of healer to include all lightworkers, because we are here to heal the Earth, and to help the rest of the people become enlightened.

Take a Reiki class, experiment with singing bowls, look into essential oils for healing.  Try anything that appeals to you.  While it may not be your mission, it is likely a step toward discovering your mission.  It will not be time wasted.

When You Need Help

In this time of lightworkers  awakening, you are being given many messages by your angelic guides.  You are not going crazy.  You are not imagining things.  This is real.  There will be times when something happens and you don’t understand what it means, or what you are supposed to do next.  That is what a spiritual counselor is for.  You may get the clarity you need in one session.  If not, you can take ongoing classes until you are ready to fly solo again.  I have found that a spiritual journey generally brings a series of teachers into your life.

Over the years I have had flashbacks to lives where I was a medicine woman, an herbalist, the healer for a village, and other scenarios.  This lifetime I have been drawn to healing in many forms.  I am not a doctor, a nurse, or an EMT.  But I have been an energy healer, a Red Cross instructor, the healer for social groups, and my family’s personal healer.   This may resonate with you, looking back at your own life.

What Is My Mission?

Clients ask me this question and their angelic guides say that it is not permitted to tell them what their mission is. This is because part of your journey is to go through the discovery process.  Through this process, you learn about your gifts, you are exposed to many options, and over time you come to the realization of what you are here to do.

You cannot rush this process.  You cannot force yourself to see the mission.  As all else in life, your mission will become plain to see when the time is right and you are ready to accept it.  Then you can embrace it, and move forward.  So relax; enjoy your spiritual journey and know that, in time,  your mission will be revealed to you.

Free Will

I will say this again.  You have free will as to whether you will step up and accept your mission, or step down and choose an average life.  Do not let fear be the reason that you do not fulfill your destiny.  You accepted this mission before you were born into this lifetime.  It is the reason you are here.  You cannot fail in your mission because it is not possible for you to fail.

Why?  Because God, or your Higher Power, does not make mistakes.  You would not have been assigned this mission unless God/Higher Power knew you were qualified.  You can relax in the knowledge that you will succeed in your mission.  You will be highly effective in healing people and this planet.  You are not alone.  Reach out to other lightworkers for support.

Reach out to me.  I am a teacher of lightworkers.  That is a big part of my mission and I am completely fulfilled in living it.  I rejoice in assisting my fellow lightworkers so we can all move forward in healing our planet and helping the people of our planet toward enlightenment.











Calling Lightworkers

Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243

Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243

What is a Lightworker?

Lightworkers are people who volunteered, before birth, to help the planet and its population heal from the vibration of fear that is generated from many sources.  Each lightworker is here for their own sacred purpose.  For many lightworkers, life on earth with its material focus creates a form of amnesia.  During this time they forget their divine identities, and also their abilities to miraculously help the earth and all living creatures. When lightworkers forget their true identity and purpose, they tend to feel lost and afraid.

Are You a Lightworker?

You are a lightworker if you:

1. Feel called to help and heal others, whether it is one to one, or on a larger scale.

2. Want to resolve the world’s social and environmental problems.

3. Believe, or suspect, that spiritual methods could resolve any situation.

4. Have had unusual experiences, such as psychic premonitions or angelic encounters.

5. Have experienced traumatic life experiences that tamped down the knowledge of your Divine perfection.

6. Want to heal your own life, knowing this is the first step to healing the world.

7. Feel compelled to write, teach, or counsel about your lessons learned and spiritual experiences.

8. Feel a sense of urgency to fulfill your mission as you are aware that you are here for a higher purpose, even if you are unsure what it is or how to fulfill it.

If you fit all, or most, of the items on this list, you are a lightworker.  The next step is choosing a teacher.  I had one a couple of them.  I offer my services to you as a Spiritual Development Coach.  This is something that I am passionate about, as I know part of my mission is to teach other lightworkers.  I am a teacher’s teacher.

Have You Awakened?

A few are aware of who and what they are from the get go.  Others awake to their role slowly.  For some, it is a sudden revelation.  I have had the privilege of being the one to tell many lightworkers what they are.  I only do this when the angels tell me the person is ready to hear this information.

For most it is an intense moment.  You will likely feel that a missing part of the puzzle of your life has been found and put into place.  It answers your questions, and helps you understand the life trials you have experienced, and the inner knowing that you have a higher mission in life.  You do!

Why Awaken Now?

Around the planet right now, lightworkers are awakening to distant memories about why they came to this plane of existence. You hear an inner calling that will not be ignored. This call is a reminder that it is now time to stop allowing the distraction of materialism, and other third dimension lures.   It is time to get to work on what you came here for.

It is possible that you are discovering innate spiritual gifts, such as psychic communication skills and spiritual healing talent. These are the gifts that we volunteered to use to heal the earth and her population during this crucial period of time.

We are Just Getting Started

I have a lot more to tell you about this topic.  Subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss part 2.  It will be coming next week.  You need to read the rest of this, as you know in your heart that it pertains to you and your future.





Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243

Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243

You Have Spiritual Gifts

I firmly believe that everyone has at least one spiritual gift.  You may not be aware of yours, or you may have identified it in the past and chosen to bury it for some reason.  Make me smile and tell me that you know what your gifts are.  Even if that is the case, you probably have other gifts yet to be discovered.

How do you discover something if you don’t know what it is you are looking for?  The answer is that you need to be exposed to a wide variety of spiritual/metaphysical practices.  You need someone experienced to tell you when you are exhibiting some skill, and then help you to develop it.

Working With Those Gifts

Over the last 20+ years, by teaching many students, I have developed a spiritual development coaching course that will assist you in discovering your gifts, identifying your primary gifts, developing them, and giving you feedback toward using those gifts in the manner you choose to.

Here are some of the reasons you would need a spiritual teacher:

  • You always wanted a spiritual mentor
  • You feel you have a spiritual gift, but don’t know what it is
  • You want to tap into your mediumship, intuitive, or healing abilities
  • You are on a spiritual path, but have come to a point of confusion
  • You long to move forward faster on your spiritual path
  • You are experiencing unexplained phenomena and wish to know what it is
  • You want to be able to communicate with deceased loved one
  • You have a thirst for spiritual/metaphysical knowledge

What You Get

This is a pay-by-the-class program.  You can take up to eight classes per month.

When you complete my full 26 class program, you receive a beautiful certificate of achievement listing the areas you have received training in.  This certificate is suitable for framing and displaying.

Should you develop your primary skills to a point where I tell you that you are ready to do that professionally, you will receive a beautiful certificate of training in that/those specific areas of study.  This certificate is suitable for framing and displaying and will be useful to mention in any future advertising for your metaphysical business.

Have Questions?

Email me to discuss your questions.  My email is:   You can also call me at 928-202-3328 and leave your contact information so we can discuss your questions on the phone.

Each program is specifically designed for the individual student, based on their talents, areas of interest, and desired goal.

I look forward to being your spiritual mentor and having a long, inspiring mutual journey together!





Spirituality Talk Show

It’s here!

My angelic guides have been nudging me to start a spirituality talk show for quite a while now.  The time was right and an offer was made that felt right…so I am back on the air.

The first episode of my show was last night.  I am on BlogTalkRadio’s “Journey into The Light” every Sunday at 6 pm AZ time, currently 9 pm ET.  On this first episode, Michael Long, the host and creator of “Journey into The Light”, the #1 Spirituality show on BTR, interviewed me about my background, and my gifts.  The first half of the show zipped by and it was time for me to give mini readings to callers.  There were 15 in line right off the bat!

Why this?

My background includes over five years working at a radio station, here in Arizona.  While there, I hosted an entertainment talk show which earned numerous 1st place awards with the Associated Press.   I enjoyed this experience immensely and knew I would be back on the air at some time.

Originally, my guides were pressing me to have a talk show about sex/love addiction, to assist partners of sex/love addicts. Over the course of a year, while I was moving toward being in a position where I was ready to host a show, I realized that it needed to be much broader than that.

What to Expect

Next Sunday I will be going much more in depth into the topic of Angels.  I will explain the role of angelic guides, what it feels like when they are around you, and tell you how I am able to communicate with your angelic guides when in a reading.  I will be taking callers throughout this show with questions regarding angelic guides, and giving mini readings (one short question/answer).

I know how important it is to have a strong connection with your angelic guides.  Next Sunday’s show will help you get on the path to accomplishing that.  I know that everyone can receive messages directly from their angelic guides. Tune in next Sunday, October 18th at 6 pm AZ time/9 pm ET on BlogTalkRadio’s, “Journey into The Light“.







Being Spiritual in Sedona

Why Sedona?

I have lived in central Arizona since 1976, and have visited Sedona many times over the years. It has become a very special place to me for a variety of reasons.

  • The energy here is high vibration, so I feel so good here. Between the vortexes and the many enlightened persons living here, how could it be anything less?
  • It is beautiful, making it a tremendous pleasure to spend time outdoors doing anything.
  • My daughter and I used to come here for girl getaways when she was young. We would hike, play, look in the shops, eat out, and read stories by a crackling fire at night.
  • My daughter got married here, at the Briar Patch Inn, in Oak Creek Canyon. It was such a special day.

Moving Here

When people ask me what brought me here, I tell them about one or two of the above reasons. But the main reason was none of the above.

It was the fact that millions of people come to Sedona every year to seek enlightenment, celebrate their own, get psychic readings, go on vortex tours, and experience all things spiritual. Being a spiritual medium/psychic/healer, there is no better place to be than right here.

Too Much of a Good Thing

A couple of people in my family who love me very much, and therefore worry, were concerned that there were already so many mediums/psychics here that I would be lost in the crowd. I asked my spiritual guides about this and was told, “This will not be a problem. You need to be in Sedona.”

Others felt that I am not stereotypical New Age enough to fit in here. That gave me a giggle. But I ran it by my guides. They were not concerned and said, “You will make many friends. Sedona is your home.”

It took many trips up the mountain from Phoenix, and back down again, to find housing here. If you are local, you know what I’m talking about. Even during these months of searching, my guides kept bringing wonderful people and events to me. People would say things, out of the blue, that I knew were divinely guided. It felt like home before I even lived here.

The State of my Vibrations

Since moving to Sedona, my vibrations have raised even higher; and quickly. I have had incredible spiritual and fantastical experiences that I cannot explain and have given up worrying about trying to. My gifts have expanded so rapidly that some days I am struggling to keep one foot firmly in the third dimension. And yet, I do.

Clearly, Sedona is where I am meant to be. I love the land, the people, the energy, the tourists, my work, and happily…my life. Being a very spiritual person living in the “Woo Woo Capital of the World”, as one online article put it, suits me really well.

I am home.