Angelic Protection

On Call for You

When you are going through difficult times, feeling afraid, under spiritual attack, know that your angelic guides and the Archangels are there for you.  All you have to do is firmly request that they help you and immediately you have the angelic protection you need.

You may wonder how to do that.  It is easy.  Get yourself as centered as possible.  Sit or stand in your power.  State something like, “I call upon the protection of (Archangel name, or one of your angelic guides’ name) to help me.  I need extra protection.  Let me feel your presence, and know that you are here to help me through this time.”  Put it in your own words.

How To Know if It Worked

I did this recently and began seeing far more angels, large flashes of bright white light with no visible source, and twinkles of white light around my home and at the office.

Within a night, or two, after I turned off the light in my room to go to sleep, white flashes of light began to occur every 20 seconds or so.  This goes on until I fall asleep.  This was a whole new experience, even for this life long angel communicator.

What Angelic Protection Does for You

We all go through times that overwhelm us completely.  It hits us on a physical, mental, and emotional level.  When you get run down like that, it is easy to sink down deeper into fear and despair.  If you are under spiritual attack and you sink too low, it makes you more vulnerable to further, escalating attacks.

Calling in Archangels and your angelic guides for angelic protection puts a major, additional layer of spiritual protection around you.  You are in a place where you can’t fend off whatever is going on.  You need a force to be reckoned with…an angelic field of energy around you, watching over you, protecting you.

Seeing it in Action

When you have angelic protection in place, you will note that at times there is an increase in white lights, flashes of light, higher vibrations, chills on your body.  Know that they have sensed incoming attacks against you, or a flag in your personal energy, alerting them to rush in and surround you with more of that angelic protection.

If you do not know who your angelic guides are, I can tell you who they are, what type of guide, and the messages they have for you.  That kind of reading is called a “Meet Your Angelic Guides” reading.  Then you can call in your angelic guides by name, which is powerful.

I love hearing your stories about angelic protection.  Feel free to share them here.  You never know who will be touched and helped by your words.  Remember that I have an entire page of spiritual protection available to you on this blog.

Yours in light,


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