Creating Peace on Earth

Seeing it So Clearly

We want peace on Earth.  It is clear that peace is unlikely to be achieved between nations.  Peace truly begins within each of us.  You have the power to make a difference in the world.  Doubting that?  You are thinking too small.  Imagine you plus millions of others doing what they can to change the current energy of fear and chaos into that of peace and love.

Of course you wonder specifically how you can do that.  For some, it can be accomplished simply by being mindful.  Others require training.  Let’s talk about some specifics of creating peace on Earth.

What Christmas Is

Years ago I realized that Christmas has little to do with gifts and the marketing frenzy around it, and everything to do with love.  A big part of that is spending the holidays with family and friends.  Telling them, and showing them that you love them with hugs, words, and the gift of your time.

Another part of this is by spreading that love beyond your circle.  Helping those in need, lending a hand, doing a favor for a neighbor, assisting a stranger, and paying forward this type of love that others have given to you.  This can be difficult, but you can do it.  It requires you to step outside of your comfort zone a little.  Once you begin, it becomes easier.

Creating Peace on Earth

You may, like many others, find it easy to be more caring and loving at Christmas time.  But it is necessary to carry this forward through the year and beyond.  When you can make this part of the way you live your life, you have put change in motion.  This can be a big part of your spiritual mission.

Yes, you will have days that you forget to think with peace and love.  You are human and therefore imperfect.  So am I.  You do your best. Now here comes the really difficult task.

Responding to Negativity with Peace

You cannot change another person.  People are going to be inappropriate, angry, and even toxic.  Reacting in kind adds to angry, chaotic earth energy.  This is an opportunity for you to change the energy by responding from a place of love.  Speak softly, minimally, be kind, and move on.  Consider practicing forgiveness to free your heart and mind.

It is not about winning an argument, or being right.  If you truly want peace on Earth, it will take millions of us living differently.  Millions of us acting and reacting mindfully.  Most of the hurtful things said and done to us are really not about us anyway.  It is about something that person is dealing with in life.  Try not to take things personally.  This will give you the perspective to distance your emotionally, and be a part of creating peace on Earth.

Blessings and love to you, and your families.