Finding Your Spiritual Love

Finding your Spiritual Love Doesn’t Have to be so Difficult

It Starts Before You Meet

Many people think that they begin to learn how to be a good romantic partner once they are in a relationship. But if you want to find your true spiritual love partner, you need to begin the work now.

Who you are now has a lot to do with the type of person you will attract and the type of relationship you will have. Most of the real work is done when you are single and aware that you are ready for a deeper connection.

10 Things to Master

Before you are ready to invite your spiritual love partner into your life, you need to master these things:

  1. Create a great relationship with yourself- Take your focus off of finding love and put it squarely on you. In order to have happiness, and lasting joy in life you need to have a positive self image. How do you feel about you? How do you think about yourself? How do you speak about yourself? How are you holding yourself back from self acceptance, and why?
  2. Let go of Anxiety and Trust- You have a team of angels and guides who are focused on helping you in your journey. Of course they have a wonderful romantic partner coming in for you. Release your anxiety and trust that your love will come in when the time is right, when you are ready, and when you have the best chance to have a highly successful relationship.
  3. See Yourself as Lovable- If you do not believe that you deserve love, let alone a remarkable spiritual love, you are telling the universe to withhold love from you. If you don’t believe you are lovable, how is anyone else supposed to? When you see yourself as lovable and note the positive traits you have, the energy shifts and you are manifesting love.
  4. See the Love that Surrounds You Now- Love is everything and that does not mean romantic love exclusively. Look around at your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Think about how they love you and allow yourself to feel that love. Let it fill your heart. You have been loved all along. This knowledge and being able to tune into it at will can sustain your need for love as you continue working on yourself, preparing yourself to connect with your romantic partner.
  5. Get Rid of Checklists- You have a good idea of what you do and do not want in a romantic partner, but lists such as these can create tunnel vision. You can be so focused on finding that overly defined person that your spiritual partner slides in under the radar and you don’t even notice them. Let yourself be surprised. You can find that your spiritual partner exceeds any list you could have made. The only exception is if you have been in a relationship cycle.
  6. Heal Your Heart and Start Fresh- When you bring the pain of previous relationships into a new one you poison it from inside. You have the wisdom of experience, so you do not need to be hyper vigilant, looking for problems that may not even be there. Give people the benefit of the doubt and let them show you who they are. People are generally good. If you can let go of past disappointments, you will feel more joyful and light.
  7. Find Your Flaws and Work on Them- Do some extensive introspection about yourself. Think about your weaknesses, your flaws, and the times in your life you have handled things less than spiritually. It’s not a fun process, but it does give you a list to work on. Before you can overcome an issue, it must be identified and owned. With ongoing, sincere effort, you can think and act differently. If you have a flaw that you would find unacceptable in a romantic partner, start with that.
  8. Communicate with Integrity- Most relationship breakdowns begin with poor communication. The two types of dysfunctional communication are either saying things in a hurtful way; or suppressing thoughts/avoiding communication. Healthy communications are honest, sincere and come from a place of integrity.
  9. Take Cues From a Healthy Couple- We tend to copy what our parents relationship was like. If your parental modeling was not healthy, those lessons need to be relearned in a way that supports happiness within a relationship. Most of us know a couple that get along well. We have seen them disagree and watched how they handled situations to maintain the love and respect. If you know them well, ask them questions that can help you understand new, healthy ways of interacting.
  10. Practice Opening Your Heart- Some people find it difficult to love with abandon. Before you meet your spiritual partner, you can practice this skill with your family, and friends. Give them more love than you have been comfortable with. Take yourself to a place of unconditional love and acceptance. This will help you love in this manner automatically when your spiritual partner comes into your life.

Moving the Time Line Up

At this moment, as you read this article and have not yet begun to work on these 10 steps, if I looked at a time line about when your spiritual partner will come in, it might be many months, or even years, away.

By working on yourself, changing how you think and behave, learning to love fearlessly, being open to surprises, and learning to trust…within a month I know that time line would move up. It can be moved up considerably when positive action is taken and done consistently. You have some control over when love comes in for you.

Those Who Have Found Love

Leave a comment here about your experience with finding your spiritual love partner. If you have been working these 10 steps and are noticing some differences, I welcome comments about that as well.

I love hearing from you about your journey.

ivory lanoue is a spiritual counselor, mystic medium and angel communicator who specializes in helping people find their spiritual love partner.
Ivory LaNoue Spiritual Counselor, Relationship Expert, Angel Communicator