Psychic Readings for Children

Readings for children with Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Is That a Thing?

It is.  Quite a few people bring their children to me for a psychic reading.  Usually it is the idea of the child, but sometimes their parent wishes them to experience a reading.

When I realized that my energy draws in children, I shopped around for cards that are appropriate for young ones.  I found this deck you see to the left that not only offer topics children can understand and relate to, but they are child sized.  They are about half the size of normal cards.

Psychic readings for children with Ivory LaNoue 928-282-02243


What Age is Old Enough?

If the child asks for a reading, I will read for them as young as six years old.  In my experience, these children are Crystal or Rainbow children.  They are already so spiritually advanced that I find myself conversing with them on spiritual topics as I would with an adult.  They are asking for a reading because they seek specific information and often because they seek my guidance.

When it is your idea for your child to get a reading, I will read for them at age 9 and up.  At this point, they are able to understand what is going on, the content of the reading, and absorb a good deal of what comes up for them.

Psychic readings for children with Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Cards for Older Children

Psychic Readings for Older Children

For older children, I have a deck called Indigo Angel.  These cards are full size, with more complex messages such as “Look Through the Situation”, “You Are Understood”, “Shielding”, and “Divine Timing”.

This age group is hungry for answers and insights.  They pay rapt attention as each card is turned over, revealing the message.  I find that they ask questions and bring up topics that can be discussed to their satisfaction during the reading.

How These Readings are Conducted

If the child is underage, I prefer a parent to be present.  If the child is an older teen who wishes a private reading and the parent is comfortable with that, I will do so.  Let me explain what to expect in an intuitive (psychic) reading.

Just as I do for adults, I have the child shuffle the deck until they feel they are done. Then I ask them to select four cards and place them face down on a table.  I ask the child if they have a question or concern for me.  If so, I focus on that question/issue as I tune in psychically to read their energetic field.

As I see, hear, or come to know information, I tell them.  While I do not talk down to children, I do strive to use language they can understand.  When a child evidences advanced understanding, I bump up that level to meet their ability to comprehend.  The reverse is true if I can see that a child is confused.


Psychic readings for children can be done in person, by Skype or phone.  You can book a session for your child here.

I really enjoy working with children.  If this will be their first psychic reading, even better.  I will make sure that their first reading is a fun, positive, enlightening experience.

Email me with any questions.