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Spiritual & Metaphysical Classes by Ivory

In person or by phone (option to include skype).

For adults, teens, and Crystal/Rainbow children.

You are on a spiritual path, or long to begin. It is widely known that when you are ready, a teacher will appear. I offer my experience, knowledge, and skills to assist you on your own journey with classes created for your needs.


I offer Spiritual Development & Coaching.  Because you are unique, I will customize a spiritual development program designed around your specific interests and spiritual gifts.   You may choose to take one class, a set of them, or continue until you feel you have learned what you need.

My lengthy background in spiritual development and training has prepared me to mentor you as you discover your spiritual gifts and purpose.  Most note worthy, take three, or more classes, and you get a one hour spiritual intuitive reading with me.

Weekly Calls/Skype & Follow-Up Spiritual Assignments

Depending on your gifts, I will teach you a variety of exercises focused on intuitive, mediumship and healing development. Also, I will teach you to release blockages and attachments from the past to push past fears so you may embrace the life you are meant to live.

Topics which can be covered in these classes are:

  1. Protecting Yourself Spiritually
  2. How to Recognize Intuitive Impressions
  3. Practice Using Intuition with Different Intuitive Exercises
  4. Connect with Spirit & Give an Evidential Mediumship Reading
  5. Build a Sacred Spiritual Practice & Meet Your Spiritual Guides
  6. Discover Your Soul Purpose & Spiritual Gifts
  7. Meditation Styles & Importance of Meditation
  8. Chakras & Color Readings
  9. Energy Scanning & Psychometry Reading
  10. Using a pendulum to Check Chakra Balance, Communicate With Your Guides, and More
  11. Practicing Exercises to Discover Your Spiritual Gifts
  12. Discovering Your Own Personal Mantra & Affirmations

As you advance, other topics you can choose to learn are:

  1. How to Meet Your Higher Self & Communicate
  2. How to Meet Your Angelic Guides & Communicate
  3. Accessing Inner Wisdom via Meditation/Writing/Creating
  4. How to Connect with the Spirit World, Automatic Writing
  5. The Art of Mediumship & How Spirit Connects With You
  6. Recognizing Signs from Spirit & Understanding the Meaning Behind Them
  7. How to Give a Reading Using Your Intuition
  8. Practice Giving Readings Using Tools like Color/Psychometry/Oracle Cards & Intuition
  9. How to Connect with Passed Loved Ones & Give a Mediumship Reading
  10. Create Your Own Meditations & Affirmations
  11. Clearing and Balancing Chakras
  12. Healing through Energy, Tapping & Sound
  13. Planetary Energy Healing
  14. Spiritual Guidance/Observation & Critiques from Ivory

Book your first class and Begin Your Spiritual Journey!

Individual or Group Classes:

In conclusion, book one of these classes for yourself or for your group.  Contact me to discuss rates for your metaphysical class.

  • Mediumship Training (one on one only)
  • Intuition Training
  • Oracle Card Reading Training
  • Qigong Energy Healing
  • Tapping/EFT Healing
  • Automatic Writing
  • Psychometry (reading the energy of an item)

Metaphysical classes with Ivory Angelic 800-601-6975

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