Forgiveness Prayer

Forgiveness Prayer

By Roberta Herzog

The guidelines for the Forgiveness Prayer are as follows:

When you rise in the morning and before retiring at night, for at least 10-14 days, sit quietly with your eyes closed.  Picture in your mind's eye the Soul you wish to forgive, with a smiling, happy expression on their face.  Then say the prayer below, out loud, to this Soul:

"(Say the name of the soul), I forgive you for everything you've ever said or done to me in thought, word or deed that has caused me pain in this or any other lifetime, on all levels and in all dimensions.  You are free and I am free!

And (insert Soul's name here), I ask that you forgive me for anything I have ever said or done to you in thought, word or deed in this or any other lifetime that has caused you pain.  You are free and I am free!

Thank you, God/Creator/Universe, for this opportunity to forgive (say the Soul's name here) and to forgive myself."

You will know  when to cease saying this prayer when you experience a shift in your attitude towards this Soul.  A sense of release may come in the form of crying, laughter, a feeling of well being, a lack of anger, or in another form.  For most, this process takes 10 to 14 days.  You may shift sooner, or require more time.

Another change you may experience is a shift in the Soul's attitude toward you.  They may be more friendly, less angry, stop focusing on you, or indicate that they understand you better.  Look for subtle signs first.

Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself.  Feel free to share this Forgiveness Prayer as you wish.  Roberta intended this to be a gift to the world.

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Rev. Dr. Roberta S. Herzog, DD,  was a highly respected spiritual teacher.  Part of her legacy is this powerful prayer.