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"I really enjoyed the reading.  It was very insightful.  I feel a lot closer to my angel team now."  ~Olivia C.  Meet Your Angelic Guides Reading

"I had a 20 minute session with Ivory via phone and was immediately tuned into her vibrance.  I was clear on my two questions and she dove in like a Celestial Pro.  I'm a Modern Mystic, Clairvoyant, Astrologer and I look for people to help me validate what's going on in my life from time to time, so I'm very particular about the frequency of the reader I choose.  Ivory is connected to spirit.  Trust.  Look no further."  ~Elaine Marolakos Edelson, Modern Mystic, Clairvoyant, Astrologer,

"I love having you as my spiritual counselor.  You're funny, caring, passionate, and loyal.  To me, you're a doctor for people's souls through spiritual counseling.  All of these that make you so uniquely you!"  ~ J. Kachaset, Ventura, CA

"My visit was very comforting.  Ivory was able to connect with my late husband and put aside some of my deepest concerns."  ~ B. Naan, Lake Helen, FL

"Ivory Angelic has a very gentle, yet insightful style.  Once I relaxed into the conversation and trusted her, it became very beneficial and fun!  I am still recalling things she told me and am energized by them.  Thank you, Ivory!"  ~  Cyndy L, Grosse Point Woods, MI

"I spontaneously decided to have a reading with Ivory and am so glad I did!  I was really stressed out about a situation.  Ivory showed me a new perspective on the way things were headed.  It gave me such hope that I immediately felt less stressed and could cope much better.  She also got insight on a health issue that proved to be correct.  I would not hesitate to have future readings with her.  I knew upon meeting her that she genuinely wanted to be of help.  She has such a sweet spirit and a beautiful voice.  I felt my whole mood lift as I headed home."  ~ Andrew C., Phoenix, AZ

Reviews of Readings by Ivory LaNoue

Reviews of Readings by Ivory LaNoue

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"Wow, she was so spot on that my friends decided to have a reading with her as well.  She didn't disappoint and was spot on with both of them too. "  ~ Jim C, Hamilton, Canada

"Ivory's angel reading for me was completely accurate.  She gave lovely, gentle, grounded and inspired angelic messages.  Ivory has a divine gift.  She is a Sedona treasure."  ~ Chrisy, B., Los Angeles, CA

"My session was amazing.  Ivory's an incredible soul who is very talented and compassionate.  We had the opportunity to see her talents as a medium and Medical QiGong healer.  I highly recommend her."  ~Bliss M., Las Vegas, NV

"I started with 30 minutes, which I upped to 60, as she was compelling.  Other than my name, I provided no information.  Three separate beings came through and each had information for me only they could have known.  I will look Ivory up again."

~ David, Gilbert, AZ

"I cannot tell you how comforting it was to connect with my grandmother through your mediumship.  You were able to share information from my Papa that only he and I knew about.  I loved that you described his appearance, just as I remembered him.  What you were able to communicate gave me confirmation that I do feel him around from time to time.  Now I am aware of the signs he is leaving for me. "  ~ Bridget R.

"Thank you, Ivory< for a wonderful reading today.  I can't believe how you picked up on my best friend who died.  You got her age, and the colour of our school uniform which validated you have made a true connection.  You picked up how my best friend's death created fear and anxiety.  I am amazed and blown away by your mediumship abilities.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift and bringing much comfort and love into people's hearts. "  ~ Rose Walls, U.K.

"She's one of the best and brightest lights."  ~ Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium

"Ivory was very caring and professional during my reading with her.  She was very accurate in details that only I would know.  I was able to verify with my family the parts that I could not initially remember.  There was no way she could have known I was sitting with my Dad's shirt.  He is passed over and when my Dad came through, Ivory described him to me to the tee!"  ~Maxine, U.K.

"In my mediumship reading with Ivory she was able to connect with my Grandmother.  Ivory gave me very specific details and actually told me a phrase that my Grandmother often said to me.  Ivory is easy to talk to and has a soothing way as she goes about the session.  I recommend Ivory for those who need to connect with their loved ones."  ~ Lisa Short, angelguidancebylisa

    Reviews of Readings by Ivory LaNoue

    Reviews of Readings by Ivory LaNoue