Spiritual Protection with Ivory LaNoue

Spiritual Protection

Spiritual Protection Methods

Use the methods that appeal to you and feel right for you.  Ignore the rest.  Daily spiritual protection ensures that your energy remains pure and bright.  It gives you extra protection from people and situations that are toxic for you.  Feel free to share this link with anyone who needs it.  At the bottom of this page you will books that may be of interest to you.

The Invocation of the Four Archangels

Face East and say this in the morning as soon as you awake.  Also, say it when you are in fear and/or in need of extra protection.

"By the grace of God, I invoke the protection of the Archangels.  

Archangel Michael, I invoke thee for protection.  Please stand at my right side with your angel warrior energy.

Archangel Uriel, I invoke thee for protection.  Please stand at my left side, transmuting negative energy into positive energy.

Archangel Raphael, I invoke thee for protection.  Please stand before me with your healing angel energy.

Archangel Gabriel, I invoke thee for protection.  Please stand behind me and give me strength, great messenger of God.

Michael to my right, Uriel to my left, Raphael before me, and Gabriel behind me.

Thank you.


Grounding & Protection

Always ground and protect your energy before you start your day, when giving readings, or developing your abilities.

Intention and gratitude mean so you may use any protection words that resonate with you.  Also, you may visualize a grounding cord emerging from your root chakra, or under your chair, going deeply into the Earth.

"God, thank you for blessing me with this day, with my life and my many blessings.  Thank you for giving me another opportunity to serve you in this body.  I ask that you surround me in a beautiful, translucent golden bubble of protection that is bathed in the divine white light of your holy spirit; sealing in all of my positive energies and good health; sealing out all negative energies, ill health and entities from lower realms.  I send white light to the lower realms so that only peace, love and protection may enter in.  And so it is."


The Blue Waterfall of God's Love & Protection

This one is done in the shower.  Make the water as hot as you can tolerate.  Stand under the spray and say:

"I am standing under the blue waterfall of God's love and protection; washing away all negativity from within and without."

Say this 2 or 3 times.  As you do so, visualize all negativity washing away, going down the drain to disperse harmlessly into the Universe.  See your violet light (see book at bottom of this page) shining strong, easily able to resist all attempts by dark energy to affect you.


God's Golden Bubble of Love & Protection

When you are afraid, nervous, or experiencing dark energy attacks:

Visualize a beautiful, gleaming gold bubble of God's love and protection surrounding and protecting you.

Then imagine a bigger bubble around your bed, then one around your bedroom, another around your home, one around your vehicle,  and a final bubble around your property.  This can be done at your home, business, a hotel, or anywhere you happen to be.


Books You May Find Helpful

  • Lightworker-  If you have recently awaakened to being a Lightworker or want to make sense of your lifetime, you will find this book enlightening.  The author explains what it means to be a Lightworker and why you have had certain difficulties in life so far.  If you like this book, she has written two others.  I rate them all highly.
  • Violet Flame - This book by Elizabeth Clare Prophet help you heal your body, mind and soul.  The front of his tiny but mightly book explains how the invocations came to be and what they are for.  In the back you will find invocations to call in angelic protection, strengthen your spirit, heal, resolve conflict in your life and on a world level, and gain balance.  


Yes, this is a lot of spiritual protection.  But you don't need to do all of it ever.  It is likely you will do a little of it most days, and some of it as needed.  I encourage you to seek other methods and try them.  Figure out what works for you.

Learn More

Ivory is a qualified spiritual counselor with extensive experience helping clients grow spiritually strong enough to stand against just about anything the dark sends, whether that be a person or an entity.  

Ivory has gone through multiple long term dark attacks against her.  She uses that experience to help you realize your own power and be able to protect yourself effectively.