Seeing Angels


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Seeing Angels

My first memory of seeing angels  was around age two.  I walked off of our family property in the countryside of Maryland and found myself on a long, dirt road.  I was scared and crying.  I felt a presence, looked up and saw a glowing figure at the top of the hill. Instinctively, I began walking toward that figure.  As I got closer, I could see a sweet, smiling face and feel the love emanating from the figure.

Though I did not know who, or what, this figure was, I knew I would be safe with them.  It took my hand and walked me back to my family’s property, within easy view of our home.  I turned around and it was gone.

Hearing Angels

This began as a young child.  Angels would come to my room at night.  I would see them as angels are depicted in religious paintings.  They felt like dear friends to me.  I had some very traumatic experiences in my childhood and the angels gave me messages of hope and love; not through my ears, but in my head.  I was aware that the thoughts were not my own.

They told me that life would get better, that I was very strong and special.  Sometimes they sat next to me on my bed and stroked my head lightly until I went to sleep.  I found their presence incredibly comforting.

Angels still do this for me when I am feeling extremely stressed, or sad.  I find it just as comforting as an adult.  What a blessing!

Angelic Guides

After my powerful spiritual awakening in 1986, I began to see large areas of glowing color floating in my room at night.   A green glowing area would morph into an orange one, which would fade and a blue one would appear. Sometimes the changing colors would go on for forty-five minutes, or until I fell asleep.

It took me a while to realize that these glowing colors were angelic guides.  Sometimes they are departed spirits.  I can feel the difference in energy between the two.  My own Master Guide, Sir Marius, appears to me as a large glowing cobalt blue light.  He has appeared to me in human form in dreams.

Your Guides

You have your own set of angelic guides.  Everyone does.  In Part 2 on the topic of Angel Messages, I will explain the types of angelic guides you have and how you can communicate with them.

Listen to This Show

If you want to know more about this topic, tune in to my talk show on Sunday nights at 6 pm PT, 9 pm EST.  Each week I discuss a spiritual topic and often that topic involves angels.  You can listen, and call in to add to the discussion and get a mini-angelic reading if you like.

You will find my talk show on www.BlogTalkRadio.  It is part of “Journey Into the Light“, the #1 spirituality show on BTR.  A delightful way to end your week.

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Lightworkers Awakening to Their Mission

Ivory Angelic 928 282-2243This was Foreseen

There are prophecies which predicted the arrival of lightworkers.  Now we are here and it is time to awaken to who you are and to our mission.  Each of us has a divine purpose to fulfill.  It is not an exaggeration to say that the world depends upon you.

You were born with your special abilities.  Maybe they are lying dormant at the moment. You have free will to choose to own who you are and move toward your mission, or to step down and choose an average life.  There is no right or wrong in this.  It really is up to you.

Releasing Fear

If you have been holding yourself back from working your mission, it is likely due to fear.  It is critical to release your fear, as it affects your spiritual gifts and your self confidence.  Every day remind yourself that your power as a lightworker comes from God.  Say it out loud if you need to.  This will help you feel more balanced and self confident about your abilities as a spiritual healer.

Healing the Earth

When we come together and focus our mutual gifts, intentions, energy, and spirit, we can literally heal anything. Right now, all around the planet, millions of lightworkers are gathering and doing healing on the land, water, and air of Earth.  We are far from helpless in healing the planet.  In fact, that is the primary reason you are all here at this time.

Scientists have proven that humans can change the quality of water, air temperature and cloud structures, using nothing but their thoughts.  For years, researchers have known that prayer affects plants and animals in a very positive manner.  This means that our collective prayers and healing thoughts can avert the predictions of world trauma that have the people of this planet living in fear.

Our Thoughts Are Powerful

You knew that your thoughts can manifest; whether you are thinking positive or negative thoughts.  At this time you need to be very careful to keep your thoughts and words positive and uplifting.  You are creating your reality, moment to moment.

As a lightworker, a major function for you is to continuously monitor your own thoughts and words.  Make sure they are coming from a high and loving place.  It is natural that occasionally your thoughts will slip into negative, fearful or judgmental thoughts.  When that happens, release those thoughts to the angelic guides surrounding you.  They want you to fulfill your mission and are happy to help keep you on the path.

We are All Healers

Healing is more than doing Reiki, or being a spiritual counselor.  You are an innate healer because you are a lightworker.  Chances are that you have a strong feeling that you can heal, or you have had glimpses of past lives in which you were a healer.  Broaden your definition of healer to include all lightworkers, because we are here to heal the Earth, and to help the rest of the people become enlightened.

Take a Reiki class, experiment with singing bowls, look into essential oils for healing.  Try anything that appeals to you.  While it may not be your mission, it is likely a step toward discovering your mission.  It will not be time wasted.

When You Need Help

In this time of lightworkers  awakening, you are being given many messages by your angelic guides.  You are not going crazy.  You are not imagining things.  This is real.  There will be times when something happens and you don’t understand what it means, or what you are supposed to do next.  That is what a spiritual counselor is for.  You may get the clarity you need in one session.  If not, you can take ongoing classes until you are ready to fly solo again.  I have found that a spiritual journey generally brings a series of teachers into your life.

Over the years I have had flashbacks to lives where I was a medicine woman, an herbalist, the healer for a village, and other scenarios.  This lifetime I have been drawn to healing in many forms.  I am not a doctor, a nurse, or an EMT.  But I have been an energy healer, a Red Cross instructor, the healer for social groups, and my family’s personal healer.   This may resonate with you, looking back at your own life.

What Is My Mission?

Clients ask me this question and their angelic guides say that it is not permitted to tell them what their mission is. This is because part of your journey is to go through the discovery process.  Through this process, you learn about your gifts, you are exposed to many options, and over time you come to the realization of what you are here to do.

You cannot rush this process.  You cannot force yourself to see the mission.  As all else in life, your mission will become plain to see when the time is right and you are ready to accept it.  Then you can embrace it, and move forward.  So relax; enjoy your spiritual journey and know that, in time,  your mission will be revealed to you.

Free Will

I will say this again.  You have free will as to whether you will step up and accept your mission, or step down and choose an average life.  Do not let fear be the reason that you do not fulfill your destiny.  You accepted this mission before you were born into this lifetime.  It is the reason you are here.  You cannot fail in your mission because it is not possible for you to fail.

Why?  Because God, or your Higher Power, does not make mistakes.  You would not have been assigned this mission unless God/Higher Power knew you were qualified.  You can relax in the knowledge that you will succeed in your mission.  You will be highly effective in healing people and this planet.  You are not alone.  Reach out to other lightworkers for support.

Reach out to me.  I am a teacher of lightworkers.  That is a big part of my mission and I am completely fulfilled in living it.  I rejoice in assisting my fellow lightworkers so we can all move forward in healing our planet and helping the people of our planet toward enlightenment.











Being Spiritual in Sedona

Why Sedona?

I have lived in central Arizona since 1976, and have visited Sedona many times over the years. It has become a very special place to me for a variety of reasons.

  • The energy here is high vibration, so I feel so good here. Between the vortexes and the many enlightened persons living here, how could it be anything less?
  • It is beautiful, making it a tremendous pleasure to spend time outdoors doing anything.
  • My daughter and I used to come here for girl getaways when she was young. We would hike, play, look in the shops, eat out, and read stories by a crackling fire at night.
  • My daughter got married here, at the Briar Patch Inn, in Oak Creek Canyon. It was such a special day.

Moving Here

When people ask me what brought me here, I tell them about one or two of the above reasons. But the main reason was none of the above.

It was the fact that millions of people come to Sedona every year to seek enlightenment, celebrate their own, get psychic readings, go on vortex tours, and experience all things spiritual. Being a spiritual medium/psychic/healer, there is no better place to be than right here.

Too Much of a Good Thing

A couple of people in my family who love me very much, and therefore worry, were concerned that there were already so many mediums/psychics here that I would be lost in the crowd. I asked my spiritual guides about this and was told, “This will not be a problem. You need to be in Sedona.”

Others felt that I am not stereotypical New Age enough to fit in here. That gave me a giggle. But I ran it by my guides. They were not concerned and said, “You will make many friends. Sedona is your home.”

It took many trips up the mountain from Phoenix, and back down again, to find housing here. If you are local, you know what I’m talking about. Even during these months of searching, my guides kept bringing wonderful people and events to me. People would say things, out of the blue, that I knew were divinely guided. It felt like home before I even lived here.

The State of my Vibrations

Since moving to Sedona, my vibrations have raised even higher; and quickly. I have had incredible spiritual and fantastical experiences that I cannot explain and have given up worrying about trying to. My gifts have expanded so rapidly that some days I am struggling to keep one foot firmly in the third dimension. And yet, I do.

Clearly, Sedona is where I am meant to be. I love the land, the people, the energy, the tourists, my work, and happily…my life. Being a very spiritual person living in the “Woo Woo Capital of the World”, as one online article put it, suits me really well.

I am home.